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Will robots be able to replace employees? Experts’ statements are surprising

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For many, robots in Polish factories are a distant futuristic future. Employers have a different opinion, for whom modern devices are a very good solution for filling vacancies in companies. Entrepreneurs are testing a construction robot, a sales robot, a warehouse robot and robots of other specializations, with which we will cooperate in the near future. Employees are afraid that one robot will replace several previously employed people.

This event received widespread coverage on social networks. Last week, one of the largest grocery store chains in Poland opened its 10,000th store. The Poznań plant used a number of innovative solutions, one of which was Robbie, a robot commissioned by Żabka, which served hot dogs to customers using artificial intelligence solutions.

Robots are appearing in companies. They must support employees

Consumer interest in the machine is very high, many of them want to test the robot. Simply select the size of hot dog, sausage and sauce, then confirm your order. Photos of the robot working behind the counter quickly went viral on the Internet. This was not the only device that attracted the attention of Internet users.

A few days ago, Budimex completed work on an innovative project aimed at creating a mobile robot that supports workers on construction sites. The gesture-controlled design is powered by an environmental engine and is equipped with 360-degree cameras, lidar and sensors that allow it to operate even at night.

Robots should make life easier and be available 24 hours a day.

The robot is being tested at the construction site of the Military Clinical Hospital in Krakow. The machine will perform a variety of tasks, from moving heavy objects to painting, assembling formwork and drilling holes. Labor market experts say construction work will soon take the construction industry into the “next generation” era.

Both Zhabka and Budimex say the robots they introduce are designed to make life easier, user-friendly and available 24 hours a day. Experts speak in the same tone. According to them, technology already plays a key role, since it not only guarantees the quality of work performed, but also increases safety and ensures constant availability for both employers and recipients.

The giant is testing the robot. Mobile device picks up and moves packages

The American e-commerce giant is set to revolutionize parcel delivery and logistics. Amazon is already testing robots in warehouses that are designed to help employees perform the most repetitive tasks. According to Business Insider, the Digit robot walks, grabs and carries packages weighing up to 16 kg. Many are pleased with the role of robotization and process automation in companies, which is constantly increasing every year. However, there are growing concerns that devices could replace people in their daily work.

Concerns about the role that robotics and artificial intelligence could play in the labor market are also being raised by data from the 53rd labor market survey conducted by Randstad. – According to our research, those most at risk from AI development are cashiers and salespeople (31%), office and administrative workers (24%) and unskilled workers (23%). says Monika Grinyshyn, Regional Head of HR Northern Europe and Global Talent at Randstad. – It is clearly seen that the greatest concerns about labor in the context of the development of AI are experienced by representatives of professions in which work can be easily automated. – he adds.

Robots or artificial intelligence will not replace all employees. This industry is not afraid of them

In her opinion, educators feel most confident. As many as 59 percent of industry representatives say they are not afraid of losing their jobs due to the development of artificial intelligence, since their work requires skills that are difficult to automate: interpersonal skills, creativity, conflict resolution skills. However, as AI continues to evolve, the competencies required of employees across all industries will certainly change.

Therefore, employees are faced with the task of professional adaptation, and employers are faced with the task of introducing artificial intelligence tools simultaneously with effective employee training. Only in this way will businesses be able to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by new technology. – notes Monika Grinishin.

The robot will support employees. Just like a dishwasher does today

In turn, Amazon representatives admit that in the near future the type of work performed will change, but robots will not displace people from factories. “I believe that in the future, the collaboration of such machines and people will complement each other. Robots will do repetitive work and people will have more time for what really matters.” says Ty Brandi of Amazon Robotics on the site. He compared the robot revolution in companies and the tasks performed by the devices to the current tasks of dishwashers that wash dishes for people every day.

Marek Klusek, director of the innovation department at Budimex, speaks in the same tone. – A robot is an ideal solution when it comes to missing vacancies, but this device will not replace a person. I can say this with full responsibility – he said in an interview with Wprost.pl. – This robot is designed to collaborate with humans and fill staff shortages. His idea, as the name suggests, is a robot collaborating with a human. – added.

Designed by: Dariusz Brzostek
Source: Wprost.pl/Business Insider
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