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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Black Sea incident. The Russians shot themselves in the foot, achieved nothing

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The destruction by the Russians of an American drone over the Black Sea exposes Russia’s desperation, but does nothing to change the course of the war. Incomparably more important for her is Israel’s decision to provide Ukraine with weapons that will neutralize the threat posed by Iranian drones in the hands of Russia.

The Pentagon showed a video that clearly shows how a Russian fighter rammed an American drone, calmly and quite legally flying in the international zone. The Russians screwed up because they once again proved themselves to be aggressive brawlers, performing maneuvers dangerous for their own pilots.

Moscow is now trying to make up for this by threatening to get top-secret American technology from the sea to serve on a silver platter to the Chinese during Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow next week. However, the drone was remotely destroyed before it fell into the sea. In addition, his remains lie at a depth of one and a half kilometers, which means that it will not be easy to find and dig them out.

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