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The US administration is getting rid of TikTok. Deadline set

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The White House has ordered all US government agencies to remove TikTok from mobile devices used by those agencies. It is assumed that the Chinese application is a potential threat and should disappear from phones and tablets within the specified period.

US government agencies have been given 30 days to wipe any federal devices from the TikTok app owned by Chinese company ByteDance. This is the result of a long debate about the alleged espionage that can be carried out with the program.

The White House stamped its foot – TikTok will disappear in 30 days

In addition to removing apps from phones and other systems, agencies should block the ability to send any data to a Chinese company, according to a memo sent by Director of Management and Budget Shalanda Yang.

This is the result of an earlier ban on TikTok in agencies by the US Congress that happened at the end of 2022. Politicians then passed a law preventing government employees from using the app if they do so on federally owned devices.

TikTok has previously been independently banned by several government agencies, including the White House, the Department of Defense, the State Department, or the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Similar bans have also been independently established in Canada, the European Union and Taiwan.

Will the US ban TikTok nationwide?

The bans on civil servants raise another resonant issue among politicians and experts – the idea of ​​a total ban on the Chinese app in the US.

On Tuesday, the House Foreign Affairs Committee will vote on legislation that would potentially allow President Joe Biden to ban TikTok from all Americans’ phones.

TikTok argues that the fears are the result of misinformation and refutes the thesis of surveillance of users of the social application. TikTok is currently estimated to be used by up to 100 million US citizens.

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