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The Poles fell in love with Kerfus. “Incident” with the robot caused an avalanche of memes

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The Kerfuś robot is currently the loudest figure on the entire Polish Internet. Although his great career began with a somewhat protracted “tragedy”, thanks to human love, he caught the fake news and currently triumphs as October’s greatest influencer.

Like good horror movies, it all started with an earthquake. Robot Kerfus allegedly became a victim of a pervert who used his defenselessness in his amusements. The Poles were touched by the unfortunate story of the silicon supermarket employee, and the network quickly filled with indignant voices and expressions of sympathy. Later, however, it turned out that nothing happened, and Internet users took possession of an inexplicable frenzy – suddenly everyone wanted to try what it was like to BE with Kerfus.

Among the countless memes and fanarts, most were vulgar sentences, which we regretfully had to leave outside our gallery. However, we hope that the examples of Kerfus adoration we have collected will allow you to appreciate his phenomenon a little better. Let’s hope that in the future our little automatic friend will be able to count on good protection and avoid further encroachments on his plastic case.

Source: WPROST.pl

Source: Wprost

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