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Instagram tests every video you post with a video

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Reels is taking over Instagram and Tiktok seems to be taking over everything.
Image: Ascannio (Shutterstock)

Meta is testing a version of Instagram that publishes all video content as a video, Gizmodo confirmed via email Thursday.

“This is something we’re testing (and testing!) with part of our global community,” wrote a spokesperson for Meta, Instagram’s parent company. They are described the change “as part of our efforts to simplify and improve the video experience on Instagram.”

For most current Instagram users, when posting a video, the app asks if you want to share your content as a “post” or a video. Posts are displayed in the main feed filled with the content of those the user follows (plus ads). On the other hand, the reels are sent to a separate channel that functions more like tiktok. Any video can appear at any time in the algorithmically generated Reels channels, and the sound of one Reel can accompany another. Since the inception of Reels, there have been two options.


However, both options may soon become one. If you’re part of a test group, attempting to post a video to Instagram will result in a notification saying “video posts are now being posted as reels,” according to a screenshot posted to Twitter by social media consultant Matt Navarra. In practice, this means that Instagram is considering dropping the ability to share videos only with its followers. Instead, anything posted on the app other than a still image can end up in an endless, lawless sea of ​​reels.

This change is one that Meta is currently testing on its platforms. two weeks ago instagram another interface announced Updates have been tested for select users, including an update that allows messages to be displayed full-screen in the main feed. Which, yes, is again very similar to Tiktok. The meta seems to be taking over Facebook as well along the tiktok pathpopulating user channels with content hosted outside of their “friends” group, and pressing drums more too.

And Gizmodo is left to ask: why? Who wants it? Wouldn’t it be nice to keep some differences between all these social media platforms? Instagram becomes Tiktok, Tiktok becomes trying to be an instagrammersnapchat it imitation twitterand — under the theoretical tutelage of Elon Musk — Twitter could copy tiktok too much. What’s the point? It’s almost enough to force you to uninstall these apps completely. But first, one more video.


Author: Lauren Leffer

Source: Gizmodo

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