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Charlie and the Salmonella Factory: World’s largest chocolate factory closes due to pollution

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Barry Callebaut first discovered salmonella contamination on June 25th.
Image: Barry Callebaut Band

BUT Swiss chocolate manufacturer suspended production This week at the largest plant in the world after a positive salmonella test.

June 27 Barry Callebaut Chocolate Company discovered salmonella in chocolate produced at her factory in Wiese, Belgium. The company says that its The Wieze factory is the largest chocolate factory in the world, putting Willy Wonka to shame. Barry Callebaut stated on his Web site that all chocolate products produced at their facility in Vize since 25 June have been suspended and production at that factory will be suspended indefinitely pending further investigations. the salmonella outbreak continues. The company is also asking all customers to refrain from any supply of chocolate to the company for the time being.

Company explained on its website that lecithin was the cause of the outbreak, but the extent of the contamination is unknown as the company said lecithin is used “in all chocolate production”.


“Barry Callebaut has informed the Belgian Food Authorities (FAVV) of the incident and has taken precautions to shut down all chocolate production lines and lock down all products produced since testing,” the company’s website says. “We are currently reaching out to all customers who may have received affected products. Chocolate production at Visa will be suspended until further notice.”

According to chocolate journalist, lecithin, which is usually soy lecithin, is commonly used as a way to reduce the viscosity of chocolate, making it easier to shape and temper. Other fats such as cocoa butter can give similar results, but lecithin is usually much cheaper.

TBarry Callebaut’s customers are other companies that process chocolate for consumers. In other words, Barry Callebut is more of a chocolate supplier than a consumer-facing brand, which will hopefully make it easier to track the spread of the contagion.

Author: Kevin Hurler

Source: Gizmodo

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