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Kruszwil, Maffashion and Marcin Dubiel refused to cooperate with the Competition and Consumer Authority. Office president imposes heavy fines

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UOKiK punished six Polish influencers. Kruszwil, Maffashion and Marcin Dubiel received high financial sanctions for lack of cooperation and transparency.

The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection has been closely monitoring influencer activities on social media for several months now. It’s all about the transparency of the markup of advertising posts, informing about collaborations with brands or promoting products. The president of the office had suspicions that famous people might be violating established rules, which could mislead observers.

Influencers did not want to cooperate with the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

As part of the verification procedure, the OCMC tried to find out what caused the inaccuracies, whether it was due to incorrectly concluded contracts, oversight or pressure from the companies whose goods or services were being promoted. “The purpose of these events is to change the social media advertising market and eliminate negative practices that harm consumers” – read in the announcement of the office.

– We simultaneously conduct several activities related to the influencer marketing market. As part of the explanatory production, we studied the profiles of the most popular influencers and their contracts, checked the terms of cooperation and agreements with advertisers – brands and marketing agencies. We checked, among other things, what exactly is the negligence in labeling sponsored posts – when the creator is at fault, and when the client himself demands to hide the nature of the advertisement. Therefore, it was necessary to get the answers of the authors to specific questions or send us the relevant documents – – says the president of UCWC Tomasz Khrostny.

Kruszwil, Maffashion and Marcin Dubiel fined by the Competition and Consumer Authority

It turns out that influencers were not too willing to cooperate with controllers. Some of them explicitly refused to explain what served as the basis for imposing financial sanctions on them. “Failure to respond has legal and financial consequences – it is a violation of the law and may result in a financial penalty of up to 50 million euros. Taking into account all the circumstances, the President of the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection (OCCA) issued 6 rulings to punish influential persons for non-cooperation, totaling PLN 139,000. zloty” – wrote in the office.

UOKiK punished six well-known influencers. Among them is one of the most famous fashion influencers or a participant in the ugly MMA galas. The fines imposed by the President on the offices are distributed as follows:

  • Krushvil Marek Krushel – PLN 50,000

  • Dr. Marcin Dubiel – PLN 25,000

  • Maffashion Julia Kuchinskaya – 30 thousand PLN

  • Pavel Malinovsky – PLN 20,000

  • Marcin Malczynski – PLN 10,000

  • Marley Marlena Soyka – 4000 PLN

Source: UOKiK

Source: Wprost

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