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Changes to Netlfix in 2022. Not everyone will like it

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Netflix wants to implement the announced changes before the end of the year, reports the New York Times.

Following Netflix’s latest quarterly report, which showed the platform posted sharply lower growth than planned, management has announced some changes that may not please everyone.

The changes primarily relate to the introduction of a new subscription with advertising. This does not mean that all Netflix users will be forced to watch ads. This will be a cheaper offer for those who don’t mind ads.

The second change is to end the practice of splitting accounts. The usual way to lower your Netflix subscription bill is to drop a few people on it. Although Netflix recommended this method in the beginning, it now wants to do away with it.

Changes to Netflix are planned for the last quarter of 2022.

At the end of 2021, Netflix had 214 million users worldwide. In recent years, the platform has begun to face serious competition from players such as HBO (HBO MAX), Disney (Disney Plus) and Apple (Apple TV).

As far as Disney is concerned, the problem with Netflix is ​​not only that it’s another competitor, but also that Disney has withdrawn all the films it has rights to from Netflix. This is i.a. A whole series of films from Marvel Studios.

Despite increasing competition, Netflix is ​​still the most popular VOD service in the world with 37.6%. market in terms of time spent by users. Hulu, which is not officially available in Poland, is in second place. Amazon Prime Video comes in at number three and Disney Plus is at number four.

Collected: Boleslav Brechko
Source: New York Times

Source: Wprost

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