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A computer game in the canon of the MEiN readings. This is a Polish name that is valued in the world.

Must read

One of the most popular Polish games of recent years is available for free. This War of Mine is promoted by the Ministry of Science and Education.

For many years, computer games have been treated as something that children should be kept away from. Based on anecdotal speculation, it was argued that they were only a bad influence. This has changed recently. Now the Ministry of Education and Science has taken a very important step to change the false image of games.

This war of mine is free

The Ministry of Education announced that one of the most famous and most valuable Polish computer games in the world became available within the framework of the state program “Games in Education”. We are talking about the products of the 11-bit studio – This War of Mine. It touches on very important, but also very complex topics.

“Video games are one of the key elements of modern culture, and although it seemed unlikely a few decades ago, today, thanks to the phenomenal development of technology and the poetics of games, they can have a real impact on our lives,” we read in the description of the state program “Games in Education” .

First game on the reading list

This War of Mine is the first game in history to be added to the school reading list. According to MEiN, it conveys knowledge in an engaging way and pushes the boundaries of the imagination. “Repeatedly awarded and discussed in pedagogical and social contexts. It is no coincidence that this was the first game in the history of Polish education included in additional school readings.” – read in the press release MEiN.

The game, released in 2014, is one of the most popular games on the Steam platform. A whopping 94 percent of over 62,000 player reviews are all positive. The game has several add-ons that expand the gameplay, as well as, among other things, a story board game.

Source: WPROST.pl

Source: Wprost

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