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The 3G network is about to go down in history. One of the largest mobile operators revealed its plans

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Orange said it was preparing to shut down its 3G network, which is currently used by only 3%. users. The representative of the operator called the approximate date of the operation.

– The old 2G and 3G radio technologies are used by you less and less. Demand for data transfer breaks records. That is the nature of development. The new comes and the old disappears. Time for a change Wojciech Jabczynski, a representative of the operator, says in a statement to Orange.

The data provided by Yabchinsky show that more than 96 percent. data on the Orange mobile network “flows” through 4G/LTE, and only 3 percent. stays on 3G. – The use of 4G/LTE and, in the future, the development of 5G means better communication quality and definitely faster internet. To be able to develop new generations of networks, we need more “space” or frequencies for them. In the US, Europe and Poland, some carriers have already announced plans to turn off legacy technology. We are also preparing for this step – we have just begun preparations – explains Yabchinsky.

When will Organe shut down 3G?

The representative of Orange stresses that there is no specific date for shutting down 3G yet. However, the operator plans that for certain regions of Poland it will be 2024-2025. Orange 3G users will be asked to upgrade to more modern technology.

– Let me remind you that in order to use voice calls in the 4G/LTE network, you must: Have a phone or smartphone that supports VoLTE connections. Already today, all phones you buy from Orange support voice calls over 4G/LTE. Availability of a 4G/LTE SIM card. If you are using an old 2G/3G card, you can exchange it for a 4G/LTE card at the Orange store free of charge. – emphasizes Yabchinsky. – Our goal is to ensure that turning off old technology does not mean trouble for anyone, so we encourage you to replace old devices and SIM cards he adds.

How about 2G?

When will 2G be turned off? The representative of Orange acknowledges that in this case the situation is more complicated. – Because this technology supports machine-to-machine solutions. Therefore, we will deal with 3G in the first place. There will be time for 2G. But you can be sure that, as with 3G, you will know in advance – emphasizes Yabchinsky.

Collected: Radoslav Sventsky
Source: Orange Poland

Source: Wprost

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