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Russia fined Google, Airbnb, Pinterest and Twitch for not storing data where the Kremlin can get it

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A number of Silicon Valley darlings are in a heated argument with the Russian authorities for violating the country’s data protection laws, which

These companies are Twitch, Pinterest, Google, and Airbnb — were fined by a Moscow court on Tuesday for allegedly failing to save data they have about Russian citizens in the district.. While Telegram announcement The press service of the court does not name the exact fines that will threaten these companies, but notes that “repeated violations” of the law entail fines ranging from 6 million to 18 million rubles in total. In US dollars, this is a fine ranging from $112,000 to $336,000. Iit’s a slap in the face for a company like Google, maybe that’s why it’s second time the company was fined for violating the country’s data retention laws.

In Russia for the first time adopted laws on data localization back in 2014prescriptive that any technology company that processes the data of Russian citizens uses servers stored in Russia for this. Like critics indicated while storing data locally serves a rather practical purpose for the Russian authorities; opens doors for extrajudicial access to any information stored on these servers, which can be tricky if the data is stored thousands of miles away. and several countries away.


While the Russian authorities listed outside since then, about 600 different technology companies currently comply with these laws, but many do not comply with the law.. Linkedin is not compliant led to the platform being completely banned in the country back in 2016much to the chagrin of Russian work hunters. In 2021, Meta-owned platforms Facebook and WhatsApp, as well as Twitter, were subject to relatively small fines for not being able to localize their Russian data warehouses.

We’ve reached out to Twitch, Pinterest, Airbnb, and Google about the latest wave of fines and will update here when we hear back.

Author: Shoshana Vodinsky

Source: Gizmodo

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