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A gang of hackers claim to have stolen AMD data. Were wrong passwords to blame?

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A photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)

Cybercriminal gang claims to have recently stolen 450 gigabytes of data from global chip maker AMD by simply guessing terrible employee passwords.

According to report From Restore Privacy, the RansomHouse e-criminal gang claims to have taken possession of a large amount of AMD data and has now published some of it on its “leak site”. Such sites are used by ransomware gangs to induce victims of data theft to pay a ransom for stolen information. The data appears to include “network files, system information, and AMD passwords,” according to the publication.

It’s not entirely clear how the data was stolen, although the gang has hinted that this was because AMD employees had terrible, unhelpful passwords.


“The era of advanced technology, progress and maximum security… these words have so much meaning for the crowd. But it still seems like just beautiful words when even tech giants like AMD use simple passwords to protect their networks from intrusion,” RansomHouse wrote on its website. according to TechCrunch. “It’s a pity that these are real passwords used by AMD employees, but an even greater shame for the AMD security department, which receives significant funding in accordance with the documents that we got our hands on – and all thanks to these passwords.”

Indeed, the login credentials unearthed in the apparent hack appear to have included notoriously terrible passwords such as “123456” and “Welcome1” – TechCrunch. reports, after looking at some data. If so, then about five minutes password guess would probably help any cybercriminal worth their salt hack company systems.

When Gizmodo reached out for comment, AMD stated that it was “aware of an attacker claiming to be in possession of data stolen from AMD” and that it was “currently under investigation.” It’s not entirely clear if the gang asked for a ransom in exchange for information whether the gang is just leaking company data, damn it, or how much of what the gang says is true.

RansomHouse is a relatively new gang that apparently first appeared in late 2021. While she resembles a ransomware gang, she doesn’t actually seem to develop or use any kind of malware, preferring to just steal data and extort stacks of businesses. hijacked Information. Gang earlier took out a loan for hacking targets less known in the USsuch as a large African retail chain called ShopRite and the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gambling Authority.


Author: Lukas Ropek

Source: Gizmodo

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