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Cybercriminals earn more than the richest companies

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If cybercriminals lived in one fictional country where nothing is produced, their economy would be the third richest in the world.

The FTSE 100 is among the 100 wealthiest companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. In 2022, the average earnings from cybercrime were three times the average earnings of companies from the FTSE 100 list, writes Computer Weekly.

Arkose Labs released its Cyber ​​Threat Report in the first quarter of 2022. The number of attacks and the activity of criminals is constantly increasing. The transition to remote work due to the pandemic and the increased use of the Internet have increased opportunities for criminals.

The pandemic has led to a cascading increase in the number of cybercriminals. This is due to the development of the criminal market, which now allows people without experience and technical skills to practice. Advanced criminals sell their tools and services on forums and the so-called dark web, while younger and less experienced criminals can use their knowledge and help.

A newcomer to the cybercrime industry could earn up to $20,000, according to Arkose Labs. dollars per month. An experienced criminal can earn up to 600,000 monthly.

15 million cybercriminals

According to Arkose Labs director of cybercrime Brett Johnson, the number of cybercriminals has increased tenfold since 2019 and now stands at 15 million.

Most online sectors have recorded an increase in criminal activity. On social media and dating apps, more than 30 percent of user interactions were done by criminals. Attacks on users have increased five times compared to the previous quarter.

Gaming platforms experienced a threefold increase in attacks compared to the previous year. Registration of fake accounts used for attacks has increased by 86 percent. compared to the last quarter of 2021.

Financial technology companies (Fintechs) are facing a 2.5x increase in attacks compared to two years earlier. The majority (97%) of the attacks were made by bots and 75% by attacks. it was an attempt to take over the account.

According to Arkose Labs, the main trends among cybercriminals will be: account hijacking, the use of intelligent bots that mimic human behavior, and the use of Facebook’s Metaversum.

Collected: Boleslav Brechko

Source: Wprost

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