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Motorists will love it: a new service is being launched in Action

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In Action, which allows generating covid-certificate after booster vaccination, we have begun beta testing a new service for drivers — the “sharing” of a registration certificate.

According to Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorovthis service will allow you to “share a document with your husband or wife in a few clicks.”

In Action, Ukrainians are invited to take part in beta testing of the Proper User service.

“The service was created so that you can transfer the right to use your car to another person. It will come in handy given the new rules for drivers and the emergence of photo and video recording. With a “proper user”, it will be the driver, not the owner of the car, who will be responsible for traffic violations.– the message says.

In order to take part in testing, you need a passport in the “Action” – a foreign one or an ID-card. For the owner of the car – a vehicle registration certificate, for a proper user – a driver’s license of the corresponding category.

The application must be submitted by both the owner of the car and the person who wants to become a proper user

You can assign the corresponding user online at the service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or online in the driver’s office. And now a service is being tested that can do this in an Action in two clicks.

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Source: Fakty

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