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The extraordinary determination of Janusz Kolodziej. There is a fight against time

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The opening of the PGE Extraleague is quickly approaching. Janusz Kolodziej is doing everything possible to recover for the match with Tauron Wlokniaz Czestochowa. New information about the player was provided by Tomas Dryla.

In the previous season, Fogo Unija Leszno was repeatedly unable to participate in PGE Extraliga matches with its full squad due to injuries. A similar fate awaits Rafal Okoniewski’s team in the first round of this year’s competition. Fans’ fears about the result of the match with Tauron Wlokniaz Czestochowa are all the more justified since Janusz Kolodziej is struggling with injury. In the Canal+ Sport program “Kolegium Żużlowe”, broadcast on YouTube, Tomasz Dryla provided important information about the health of Captain Bykov.

Janusz Kolodziej has a broken sternum

Let us remind you that Janusz Kolodziej fell painfully during sparring in Gorzow. A day after this meeting, Fogo Unia Leszno released a statement that the almost 40-year-old speedway racer was suffering from a sternum injury. Drila confirmed that it is broken, but the participant does not give up and fights to be ready for the trip during the duel with Vloknyazh.

Kolodziej stayed on vacation in Leszno. The clinics were closed, but the Unia rider received the key to the offices and, among other things, underwent rehabilitation. using lasers. The likeable player has withdrawn from all individual tournaments this week and it is clear that he is only focused on the league at the moment.

Kolodziej will make a special attempt

Dryla acknowledged that Kolodziej is progressing and his health is improving. However, the injury is so serious that it is not yet known whether the player will be able to recover in time for the league opener, which will take place in just over a week. It’s a race against time, and one thing will make all the difference. Kolodziej will go to training during game week and then decide if he can compete with Wlokniaz’s players.

An experienced speedway racer is an invaluable support for the team. In fact, he has been carrying his results on his shoulders for some time now, as the previous season clearly showed. At that time, he was the third-leading player in the league, but along the way he also had to miss several games due to a rib injury.

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