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PZN is “at war” with its former coach. He was responsible for training the jumpers.

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PZN sums up the unsuccessful season of Polish jumpers. Activists have another problem. We are talking about Thomas Thurnbichler’s former assistant Mark Noelke. The German still feels like an employee of the federation.

Following the conclusion of the 2023/24 World Cup campaign, the Polish Ski Association is taking stock of what happened this year. In an interview with “Vprost”, Rafal Kot briefly stated that “the season was unsuccessful, and we will not powder it.” Changes in structures are needed, and even the ski jumpers themselves have called for them. It’s mostly about the B team, since the activists led by Adam Malysz still believe in Thomas Thurnbichler. “Unfortunately, Team B did not make significant progress, and this applies to all players. At some point, the jumpers began to speak out loud, like Kuba Volny after the Continental Cup, and Muranka, on behalf of everyone, said the same thing, that he could not get along with staff who did not live up to their expectations. There must be changes in this matter; it is impossible to continue working like this,” said a member of the PZN.

PZN fights former assistant of Thomas Thurnbichler

In an interview with TVP Sport, PZN sports director Tomasz Grzywacz said that the association conducts an internal assessment of each group and discipline. – We will present them at the Ministry of Sports on April 29 and 30. No later than May 1, based on the completed criteria for membership in the headquarters, we will publish their composition,” he continued.

It is worth recalling that Mark Noelke, the former assistant of Thomas Thurnbichler, said goodbye to his job before the Four Hills Tournament. He was largely responsible for the heavy physical training that made this season what it was. He was replaced in this position by Wojciech Topor. As journalists found out, there is a dispute between the federation and the German, since, according to the Polish Ski Association, the coach is no longer their ally, and the coach has a different opinion.

The case will most likely go to court

TVP Sport’s findings show that Mark Noelke remained within the structures of the Polish Ski Association until the end of the season, but still considers himself an employee of the association. PZN allegedly wanted to end the dispute peacefully in order to reach a compromise, but the German did not even respond to the letter with this proposal. “Moreover, he most likely turned to one of the law firms for help in resolving this fight,” we read.

The reporters also approached the other side, but she was not interested in talking.

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