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Revival of Polish ski jumpers. It wasn’t enough for the podium

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In Saturday’s World Cup team competition in Lahti, the Polish team took fourth place. This is great news after what happened on Friday.

Let us remind you that on Friday the first individual competitions took place in Lahti, ending in disgrace for Polish jumpers. True, Alexander Znischol took eighth place, but the remaining white-red team did not qualify for the second series. On Saturday, Petr Zyla and the above-mentioned Znyschol performed unsuccessfully in the control series before the “team competition”. Poland took only ninth place. Luckily the competition itself was much better.

Only the Cat failed in the first episode

From the very beginning of the team competition in Lahti there was a strong wind against the skis. Petr Zyla (126.5 m), Kamil Stoch (123.5 m) and Alexander Znischol (127.5 m) performed very well in these conditions. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about Maciej Kot. The 32-year-old jumped in the second group and covered just 111.5 meters in his attempt. It’s even 8.5 meters closer to Noriaki Kasai. The 51-year-old veteran showed excellent class.

Despite everything, by the halfway point the Polish team was in fourth place, but losing to the third-place Germans by more than 30 points. Quite unexpectedly, Norway was clearly ahead of the rest of the group: Johann Andre Forfang (135.5m) performed brilliantly in the first group. Austria completed the podium. In further positions we saw a sensation, because Slovenia was only in eighth place, and, for example, the hosts, Finland, were in fifth.

The Poles maintained a positive result

In the second series, Thomas Thurnbichler’s team maintained a confident level. Although Petr Zyla jumped 121 meters and Japan’s Ren Nikaido scored a lot of points, Kot improved significantly from his first jump, reaching 119 meters. In the third group we saw a wide smile on the face of Kamil Stoch. The three-time Olympic champion had a hard time with the flight, but still managed to land at an altitude of 124 meters. His try allowed us to extend our lead over fifth-place Japan to more than 16 points. In the last group, Alexander Znischol defended against Ryoyu Kobayashi.

Kobayashi jumped 125 meters, but a moment later the Destroyer landed five meters away from him. After his attempt, we saw an explosion of joy, but this is not surprising. Currently he is the leader of the Polish national team. And in such a beautiful way, Zniszol ensured the Polish team a high fourth place.

It is known that we lost badly to the third-placed Germans, almost 38 points, but this result should be assessed by looking at what happened on Friday and throughout the season. In the final part of the competition at the top, nothing changed. Norway outperformed its rivals, with second-place Austria gaining a significant advantage over Germany.

Saturday competition results: :
1. Norway 935.2 points
2. Austria 909.5 points
3. Germany 883.2 points
4. Poland 845.6 points
5. Japan 824.7 points
6. Finland 816.4 points
7. Slovenia 789 points
8. USA 640 points
9. Switzerland 364 points
10. Kazakhstan 254 points

Designed by: David Franek
Source: WPROST.pl
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Source: Wprost

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