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A great achievement for the Polish club. Project Warsaw with a European trophy!

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Project Warsaw with historical success! The capital team won the Challenge Cup after a superb two-legged match against Monza.

Projekt Warszawa had a great chance to win the first trophy in their history before their rematch with Vero Volley Monza. In the first match, Petr Graban’s team defeated the Italian team with a score of 3:1, which meant that to win the Challenge Cup they needed to win two sets on the opponent’s territory. It was definitely doable.

The first set was tense

The first game started poorly for the Polish team. It was clearly visible that the Warsawians were having problems with the appropriate reception. Gianluca Galassi, for example, blew up the site. After the first part of the game, the team from Monza led 11:7. However, since then the Project has gradually grown.

Suffice it to say that Arthur Szalpuk unblocked himself. Not only could he hit difficult high balls, but he was also an excellent ball blocker. Kevin Tilley matched the Pole’s level, effectively blocking Arthur Schwartz. Only a few minutes passed, and the scoreboard read 17:17. Then we observed a real war of nerves with an emphasis on the Project. The Warsaw team could have won the first set 25:23, but the hosts withdrew the challenge, suggesting that one of the volleyball players of the Polish team touched the net. To the surprise of the “Project” players, the judges awarded Monza a point. Fortunately, what lingers will not escape. Our team won the game with a score of 27:25.

True dominance and winning the trophy

After the first set, Projekt entered the second with great excitement. It started with four high-scoring games, but then Graban’s team won seven points in a row! It was a gaming concert. Yuri Semenyuk was crazy in blocking, other players blocked well too. Szalpuk continued to contribute to the attack and was joined by Bartłomiej Bolondz. With a score of 9-2 to Project, the Monza players could not find a way to minimize their losses.

Even the changes didn’t help. However, Bolondz and company continued to do their job. Semenyuk was great, he blocked everything he jumped. After Bolondz stopped Takahashi at 22:12, it became clear that only a cataclysm would take the trophy away from Projekt. The Warsaw team maintained their emotions until the end of the set, winning it with a score of 25:16. They won the Challenge Cup in just two sets!

We needed to finish the match in a calm atmosphere.

Coach Graban, knowing that his team had won the Challenge Cup, gave his substitutes a chance to play from the third set. This affected the result. Despite the fact that the guests started with a 3:1 advantage and Semenyuk’s madness in blocking, which remained on the playing field, “Project” did not stop the game further. Linus Weber had problems with this. This gave Monza a several-point advantage (10:5). The Italians did not stop and widened the gap. In the end, they won the set without a story with a score of 25:17.

The Warsaw team started the fourth game better. Igor Grobelny got excited with his serve. Good work on the block is back. The tireless Semenyuk was still on the field. The hosts had problems, which means the result was close (13:13). Then Projekt added two points in a row and things got really interesting. Both teams looked like they wanted to finish the match. The project was already completed and Monza had no chance of winning the trophy.

When it seemed that the Warsawians would win, several points were lost due to errors in attack, and the Italians equalized. But then the brilliant defense of the Polish volleyball team came into play again. This helped them carry out counterattacks and take the lead 23:21. This time Projekt did not miss their advantage and won the entire match with a score of 3:1. Great deal! It was a phenomenal two-game match for Petr Graban’s team.

Designed by: David Franek
Source: WPROST.pl
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Source: Wprost

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