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A disastrous match for the Polish champions. The coach may end up paying for it with work.

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David Shwarga is having more and more problems. Raków Częstochowa will definitely not win the national cup. He was eliminated in the quarter-finals in terrible style.

If at the beginning of the season Rakova Czestochowa could be appreciated for reaching the playoffs of the Europa League and a skillful combination of international and domestic performances, then recently the team of coach David Szwarga has been receiving unflattering reviews. After the resumption of the PKO Ekstraklasa games, the Czestochowa team scored four points out of nine. They are still unable to get closer to the podium in the standings, although the top teams continue to stumble.

Shameful defeat from Piast Gliwice.

Perhaps a bitter 0-3 defeat to Piast Gliwice in the quarter-finals of the Fortuna Polish Cup will break the spell. Raków looked like a completely beaten team, and yet they were playing against a team that had only won four matches and drawn many times in the current PKO Ekstraklasa season. Therefore, Piast is not a tycoon, but still he was clearly better than the visiting team. Eloquently.

Piast’s first goal in the opening game was scored by Thomas Huck. In the second half, Jakub Czerwinski and Jorge Felix completed the job. The latter scored a goal after making first contact with the ball after entering the field.

Rakov’s defeat is symbolic. Over the previous three seasons, the Jasgór team reached the Polish Cup final three times, winning the trophy twice. He won’t do it now. In addition, the vision of defending the national championship is receding, which only indicates the crisis of the team.

David Shvarga on the turn

Fans are increasingly wondering whether David Szwarga can be fired as coach of Rakov Częstochowa. Before the start of the season, the young coach took over the team from Marek Papshun, who gradually increased the power of medalists. A defeat by Piast could have brutal consequences for Szwarga, although whether in the short or long term is unknown.

The current situation around Raków was perfectly described by Tomasz Wlodarczyk, a journalist for the Meczyki.pl portal. “No, Papshun. Let’s go to the party. Rakov’s biggest crisis in recent years. Sportingly and within the organization,” he wrote on the X platform.

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