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David Kubacki is dissatisfied with the coach’s decision. “It was different in my head.”

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Dawid Kubacki, by decision of Thomas Thurnbichler, was recalled from the Polish national team for the World Cup competition in Lahti. The 33-year-old man does not hide his dissatisfaction.

Most recently, at the first stage of the World Cup in Sapporo, David Kubacki took a high eighth place. However, this was a one-time incident. It only got worse, and last weekend in Oberstdorf he did not score a single point at the World Championships. He also suffered a dangerous fall during qualifying on Sunday.

Kubacki withdrawn from the World Championships

Some time ago, David Kubacki reacted negatively to the idea of ​​abandoning the World Championships in favor of quiet training. But now there was no mercy. Thomas Thurnbichler left him out of the team for the weekend in Lahti, Finland. The 33-year-old is expected to return to compete against Norway’s top players at the traditional Raw Air tournament.

Kubatsky did not like the decision of the team coach. He commented on all this in an interview with Przegląd Sportowy Onet.

“I’m definitely not happy with this decision because in my head I planned it differently. From the very beginning I was of the opinion that I want to start, because since I trained all summer, I want to take advantage of this, start and fight, because perhaps in the end everything will work out and we will be able to achieve good results,” explained Kubacki .

The Jumper’s Mysterious Statement

Nowotarzec also admitted that he is glad that he is going to the training camp with Wojciech Topor and coach Zbigniew Klimovski, because perhaps with them he will be able to hone individual elements. He also believes that he will give the fans a very good performance on Raw Air.

Moreover, Kubacki made it clear that Polish jumpers will compete this season. It is very weak, and an experienced player knows the reason. However, he does not intend to disclose this to the media, but to talk about it with the coaching staff.

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