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Hubert Hurkacz is better than the German after the thriller. The Pole has done it again!

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Hubert Hurkacz successfully opened the ATP 500 tournament in Dubai. The Pole won the first match against Jan-Lennarden Struff in three sets. After three tiebreakers!

With the ATP 500 tournament in Dubai, Hubert Hurkacz begins a marathon of competitions scattered almost all over the world, as is the case with the best tennis players in the world. In the United Arab Emirates, the native of Wroclaw is seeded third in the tournament bracket.

Another tiebreaker for Hubert Hurkacz

The first obstacle for Hubie was a match with an opponent from Germany. Jan-Lennard Struff is a solid tennis player, currently ranked 25th in the ATP rankings. It was known that, as in the case of Hurkacz, his strong argument would serve him well. Moreover, playing on a hard surface usually involves quick action, usually consisting of only a few bounces.

As if to confirm these words, in the first set of the match between Hurkacz and Struff, after a little more than a quarter of an hour, the scoreboard was 3:3, without any breaks. Half an hour passed and the score became 6:6. I would like to write that, to some extent according to the tradition of the Pole’s matches, the game ended in a tie-break.

However, Hubi is a specialist in such solutions. The Wroclaw native won the crucial game 7-5, ending the set with an impressive serve ace. Interestingly, Hurkacz was already leading 6:3, but the German still managed to get closer to his opponent. However, this was of little use when the Pole returned his serve, which he diligently used.

Second batch? Almost identical. The score is 5:5 after just over half an hour of play. A few longer actions, but mostly quick completion of the action in favor of the passer. In the twelfth game (5:6), Hurkacz was under intense pressure and had to defend three set points on his serve. However, the Wrocław resident managed to get out of trouble and… reach the second tiebreaker of the match.

In a key game, the German started serving. After six points the men were equal (3:3). However, Hurkacz had an important ball with open court and knocked the ball out of bounds. Effect? After some time, another, this time disastrous, mistake by the Pole at the goal and a loss of 4:7.

Huge nerves in the third set in Dubai

The unexpectedly protracted match, from Hurkacz’s point of view, began in the third set with big problems for the Pole. The Wroclaw native had to defend against a fast break. However, the German did not take advantage of the break points, losing the game (0:1), and then facing problems himself. However, everything ended the same way, with missed opportunities for the receiver, in this case Hurkacz (1:1).

The further the match progressed, the more it seemed that the Pole was kept afloat mainly by the service. Struff seemed to find more and more ease in the game. In the 49th minute the Pole took the lead 6:5. The Wroclaw resident decided to take the maximum risk, but it didn’t help much. Exactly 2.5 hours had passed on the game clock, and the fans witnessed the third tiebreaker of the match.

The Pole started with serve (1:0). After six points there was a perfect draw (3:3). A moment later, Hurkacz lost an important point, a mini-break in favor after a successful offensive attack, and the score became 5:3 in favor of Struff. The German had possession number one with a score of 6:4. It must be admitted that the Pole was very lucky, because the ball flew over the tape to the opponent’s side, thanks to which, instead of ending the match, the score became 6:6 (a good move by the Wroclaw player). Hurkacz finished the match at the first opportunity with a score of 8:6!

Hubert Hurkacz is the eighth tennis player in the ATP ranking.

Who will be the Pole’s opponent in the 1/16 finals of the tournament in Dubai? The winner of Tuesday’s match between Germany’s Maximilian Marterer and Australia’s Christopher O’Connell. Regardless of the results of this fight, the Pole will definitely be the favorite.

Judging by the latest ranking of the best tennis players in the world, the native of Wroclaw has maintained his high position since 2023. Although Hurkacz lost several points after an unsuccessful adventure at the tournament in Rotterdam, he is still in eighth position in the ATP rankings. Behind him is the Dane Holger Rune, and in front of him is Alex de Minaur, a tennis player from Australia.

Designed by: Maciej Piasecki
Source: WPROST.pl
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