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Terrible performance by Polish basketball players. There was a shame in Sosnowiec

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The Polish national basketball team performed disastrously in the match against North Macedonia. The Poles lost in Sosnowiec with a score of 71:95 in the EuroBasket qualification.

The Polish national basketball team has played official matches twice in recent days. If we were to draw conclusions from how the Poles started to play in the EuroBasket 2025 qualifiers, then a worst-case scenario would unfold for Polish basketball. However, if the away defeat to Lithuania, even as part of the reserve team, can somehow be explained, then it is difficult to explain what happened on Monday evening in the hall in Sosnowiec.

Defeat of Polish basketball players in the match against North Macedonia!

The Whites and Reds wanted to present themselves as best they could to their audiences, whetting their appetite for the challenges ahead in the coming months. However, it is difficult not to get the impression that in this case it was not necessarily possible to want – it was possible – for Polish basketball players. The national team, led by coach Igor Milicic, played a terrible match. Almost nothing has changed, especially the result, as the 71-95 home defeat to North Macedonia is inexplicable.

With all due respect to the Macedonians, the country’s best years are certainly behind them, and they were competing against a team that had done well both at the World Cup and at the EuroBasket, where the Poles were the continent’s fourth-ranked team in 2022.

However, it turned out that without Mateusz Ponitka, the Poles apparently would not be able to play. In his absence, there were few situations in which anyone wanted to take responsibility for the outcome. Judging by the points, Michal Michalak scored the most for the Poles, finishing with 20 points. Michal Sokolovsky added 15. But what good is that if the Poles failed to win a single quarter, losing 16:25 at the start.

The Polish national team will play at EuroBasket 2025.

The paradox of the situation is that the white-red team, as one of the co-organizers, is guaranteed participation in the event next year. The point, however, is to create the right atmosphere and climate around the team, which, apparently, plans to even compete for the Olympic Games in Paris.

We write about this with a bit of sarcasm because, unfortunately, results such as against North Macedonia do not give hope that even with such aces as Jeremy Socan, the Poles will be able to take responsibility. Perhaps such a cold shower would be useful now, before the real betting begins.

It’s a pity that the Poles compromised their performance in front of their native audience so much. The atmosphere in the stands of the arena in Sosnowiec was certainly… the best accent for the hosts on Monday evening.

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