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Nikola Grbic gave the recipe for the Olympic curse of the Poles. The selector did not hide his surprise

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Will Polish volleyball players win a medal at the Paris Olympics? In an interview with TVP Sport, Nikola Grbic explained what he thinks about the “curses” of the Olympic quarterfinals.

The coach of the Polish national volleyball team became a guest of the “Oko Woko” program, available on the TVP Sport channel and on the channel’s website. Nikola Grbic is a man who, as a player, has won almost everything in world volleyball. He is now adding another success as a coach to his coaching record.

Nikola Grbic on the Poles’ approach to the Olympic tournament

The Serbian has been working with the Polish national volleyball team since January 2022. According to him, he tries to instill in his students an appropriate approach to the tasks they perform.

“I’m trying to tell the guys to focus on what they have to do.” At volleyball. Get behind the line, take a defensive position, remember what you need to do here and there. Focus on what you need to do here and now. Sometimes you think about what is really important. Regarding the games, regarding the quarterfinals, you understand what I’m getting at,” Grbic addressed Jacek Kurowski, a journalist for TVP Sport.

Unsuccessful Olympic past of Polish volleyball players? The coach of the white-reds directly admitted this.

– Did my players play in 2004? NO. Are those who played against Poland then still active? NO. So, the score is 0:0. The past doesn’t matter. When you drive the car, the windshield is huge so you can better see the scenery in front of you. And the rearview mirror is so small. And the things you leave behind are so tiny. There are valuable lessons to be learned from the past, but what matters is what lies ahead. We need to think about this, added the Serbian coach of the red and white.

The disastrous series of the Polish team in the quarterfinals of the Olympics

Over the past two decades, Polish volleyball players have achieved several impressive triumphs. Firstly, they have played in the World Championship finals three times, winning gold medals twice (2014 and 2018). In 2022 they won World Championship silver after losing to Italy at Spodek in Katowice. However, a year later (2023), the Poles responded to Italy with a victory in the final of the European Championship in Rome. In addition, last year the “white-red” also won their first historic victory in the Nations League tournament.

Among the most important international competitions, the record of Polish volleyball players at the Olympic Games is the worst. In tournaments of this rank, the Polish national team has been constantly eliminated from the quarterfinals since 2004. During the tournament in Paris, it will be exactly twenty years since the start of this black series of white and red. The Poles finished the Summer Olympic tournaments in 5th-8th places at competitions in Athens (2004), Beijing (2008), London (2012), Rio de Janeiro (2016) and Tokyo (2021). ).

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