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Look at the absurd mistake of the Polish representative! And he could save his team

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Arkadiusz Milik could have been the hero of Juventus’ match against Udinese, but he missed a golden opportunity. He hadn’t made such a mistake for a long time.

The 2023/24 season is not going the way Arkadiusz Milik would like. Unfortunately, we saw another manifestation of his problems during the Juventus – Udinese match. The Pole was in the starting lineup for this match and was close to becoming the hero of his team. He missed by a few centimeters.

The clash with a team that is currently fighting to remain in Serie A was an excellent opportunity for Massimiliano Allegri to show his good side. He usually uses Dusan Vlahovic at the heart of the attack, although the Serbian representative is currently out of action due to health problems. So when will be the best opportunity to show the coach that the Pole can be counted on not only in the absence of another star?

Arkadiusz Milik did not save Juventus from Udinese

At the moment, Udinese is in 15th place (3 points from the relegation zone), and the match against the Old Lady was started after a series of several winless matches. In previous rounds, she lost points to Fiorentina, Milan and Atalanta. Therefore, the potential triumph of Juventus seemed quite natural.

However, this did not happen and Massimiliano Allegri’s team extended their inglorious streak – the match with Udinese became their third in a row without a triumph. Two players made significant contributions to this. First of all, this was done by Lautaro Giannetti, a new acquisition of the team from northern Italy. It was he who scored the goal that decided the fate of the match. He took advantage of the confusion in the penalty area and beat Wojciech Szczesny from close range.

The hosts could have reacted quickly, as in the 29th minute Andrea Cambiaso made a great move from the left flank. The 24-year-old footballer overtook one of his opponents and focused on Arkadiusz Milik. It seemed that hitting the ball into the net was a formality, but the Pole missed, although there was an almost empty goal in front of him. Later, our compatriot missed another opportunity, although not so profitable. In this way, he could save his team from the defeat that Juventus suffered, despite their enormous dominance.

Designed by: Mariusz Bielski
Source: WPROST.pl
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Source: Wprost

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