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Voting on Thurnbichler’s future? We know what they did to the Kid

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What would Adam Malysz do if the federation voted on Thomas Thurnbichler’s future in the Polish national team? A clear position of the head of the Polish Football Association.

To write that Polish jumpers have not performed very well so far in the 2023/24 season is to say nothing. The current World Cup is one of the worst in the 21st century for the Polish national team, which also significantly affects the mood around the team. For example, there is a lot of talk about the possible dismissal of Thomas Thurnbichler. Adam Malysz was asked about this possibility and he clearly commented on it in Przegląd Sportowy.

Poor results of Polish jumpers

The factor that provokes such discussions is, of course, the results achieved by our jumpers. Most recently in Lake Placid we had two reasons to celebrate – on Saturday Alexander Zniszol took 6th place, and on Sunday – 9th, with Petr Zyla taking 4th place in the last competition. Previously, the first mentioned also showed promise in Willingen.

Apart from these performances, there was no point in looking for Poles in the top ten of individual competitions. As a result, the highest place in the general classification is occupied by the already mentioned Zniszol (22nd place), then Zyla (24th place), and then Dawid Kubacki (26th place), Kamil Stoch (28th place), Pavel Wonzek (40th place) and Maciej Kot (58th place). .).

What would the Kid do with Turnbichler?

It is clear to the naked eye that things are not going well for our compatriots, although Adam Malysh is pleased with the work of Thomas Thurnbichler. According to the head of PZN, he does everything to ensure that everything is fine and is deeply involved in various processes. “I saw from Ruka that he was trying very hard, because he really cared,” said the president. It is worth adding that the first competitions in the 2023/24 season were held in Ruka.

In addition, the living legend of Polish ski jumping added that the Austrian’s coaching vision and his idea of ​​the entire training system corresponds to what PZN wants. However, it is necessary to carefully analyze and understand why the red and white team performed much better last season than now.

Ultimately, the conversation came up with the question of what Malysh would do if the federation voted for Thurnbichler’s future in our team. “Thomas must stay in Poland,” he answered unequivocally. He added that the coach was given great confidence and nothing has changed in this regard. “A certain stage of changing the system has begun, and we must take into account that this is work for more than one year,” he concluded.

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Source: Wprost

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