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LKS Lodz was knocked out at the finish. A phenomenal goal deprived everyone of their hopes?

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In the final match of the 20th round of PKO BP Ekstraklasa, Korona Kielce defeated Locks Lodz with a score of 2:1. The hosts struck the decisive blow at the very end of the match.

Looking at the BP Ekstraklasa PKO table, it was known that Monday’s match in Kielce would be a fight for more than three points. Both teams were in the “red zone” under threat of relegation to Fortuna 1. League. The position of coach Peter Stokowets’ team was much worse. LKS has returned to the elite, but so far the newcomer cannot find his place there.

LKS Lodz may regret missed opportunities

In the first 45 minutes, Corona had to work hard to find a way to get the ball into the visitors’ goal from Lodz. Coach Kamil Kuzera’s team could count on help… from the opposing goalkeeper. In the 36th minute, David Arndt made a mistake, not hitting the ball well enough near the visitors’ goal. Yoav Hofmeister used this gift wisely. The midfielder headed the ball into the net, scoring his first goal in Poland.

However, before the break, LKS responded with a goal, which gave hope of taking advantage of Kielce. Another debut goal, but this time in… his first appearance in the major leagues. Huseyin Balic scored a goal in stoppage time of the first half. Let’s say Kay Tejan made a great assist on his teammate’s goal.

A beautiful goal for the victory of Korona Kielce

In the second half, the visitors from Lodz blew away the wind and were able to take the lead several times. Tejan was active, initially scoring a goal but ending up in an offside position and then passing brilliantly to another teammate. Dani Ramirez, in a way known only to him, lost a one-on-one duel with Conrad Forens instead of hitting the net. This seems to have been a key moment in terms of the residents of Lodz leaving Kielce with more than just a good impression.

Football can be brutal, especially for those who play with a knife to their throat. Last in the LKS table, Kielce was left without three or one point. A few minutes before the end, Arndt corrected the mistake when scoring, making the score 0:1, brilliantly defending Evgeniy Shikavka’s shot with a roll.

However, it was another striker, introduced by coach Kuzera, who struck the winning blow in the second half. Since Shikavka was unable to do so, Danny Trejo scored the goal. The Mexican scored a great goal with a shot from outside the box following a superb move and aerial effort. The LKS goalkeeper could only kneel and watch the ball in the net.

In the 19th match in Kielce, the Lodz team recorded their 13th defeat, continuing their movement into the first league. With the win, Corona moved out of the relegation zone, but they are still hot with just one point left.

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Source: Wprost

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