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Slask Wroclaw was punished for scandalous events. The club responded quickly.

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On Monday (i.e. February 12), the League Commission made a decision regarding the scandal during the PKO BP Ekstraklasa match between Slask Wroclaw and Pogon Szczecin (0:1).

Let’s remember that referee Szymon Marciniak was forced to interrupt the field competition twice during Sunday’s match at the Tarczynski Arena in Wroclaw. Firstly, because of the pyrotechnics that Pogon-Szczecin fans used in the away sector. The second reason was much more serious. A plastic bottle was thrown towards the Pogon goalkeeper, and the situation could have ended very badly.

The League Commission severely punished the football team Śląsk Wrocław

On Monday (that is, February 12), a meeting of the League commission was held, at which the events of the shelling in Wroclaw were considered. After the second bottle was thrown at Pahonia and Valentin Cojocar, Marciniak threatened that if another threat arose, he might even end the match early. Ultimately, the match was completed, but its consequences were difficult for Slask.

What punishment awaits the recent leader of the Ekstraklasa? Raw. 50,000 zlotys, an order to install a protective net separating stand B (with the most ardent Slask fans) from the field, and a ban on the participation of an organized group of fans in the next away match against Lech Poznan.

Wroclaw players issued a statement in response to the fine of the league commission.

“We strongly condemn any behavior that disrupts order and interferes with the competition. This should be considered the throwing of two plastic bottles onto the field, which absolutely could not have been on the field. Monitoring of the stadium is provided. We have identified the potential culprit and are working closely with the police. […] At the same time, we regret that because of the act of one irresponsible person, the entire group of fans is suffering and will not be able to take part in a real football festival, which, undoubtedly, is the match at the top of the PKO BP Ekstraklasa. We also ask and encourage fans to comply with cultural doping rules during subsequent matches at the Tarczynski Arena. To illustrate the financial fine imposed on the club, it can be added that it is equal to the income from club gadgets received on the day of the match,” we read on the website of the Wroclaw club.

It is worth adding that, as replays showed, the Pogon goalkeeper… greatly improved himself in the context of a potential hit in the bottle. This further aggravated the already tense situation during the meeting. Of course, this in no way justifies the reprehensible behavior of the authors, throwing bottles towards the field and around the player of the Szczecin team.

Jagiellonia Białystok – new leader of PKO BP Ekstraklasa

Slaska’s defeat to Pahonia on Sunday evening led to significant changes in the league’s management. The Wroclaw team dropped to second place, and the Bialystok Jagiellonia can now be proud of being the leader of the Ekstraklasa.

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