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Do Polish fans not respect the red and white flag? This is highly controversial

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Fans of the Polish national team are already accustomed to placing the names of cities on their flags. However, it seems that this is, to put it mildly, not the best solution.

The topic of city names and other slogans placed on red and white flags during sporting events came up in a conversation about the recent World Ski Jumping Championships. In the American Lake Placid one could feel like in Zakopane, because the stands were filled with Polish fans. There were also white and red flags and… sprinkled with original ideas.

Rafal Kot about disrespect for the national flag

The topic of fan ideas, and, importantly, not only ski jumping, was discussed on the Polsat Sport channel in the Polskie Skocznie magazine.

– We are the only country in the world that clearly does not respect its national flag. There is no other country that would allow this – Rafal Kot, a member of the board of the Polish Ski Association, did not hide his disappointment with the trend of Polish fans.

It is difficult not to get the impression that the symbol itself, that is, the white and red flag, is a sufficient patriotic accent. There is no need to add city names, which of course is most often dictated by the desire to “appear” in media reports or to emphasize one’s presence/origin.

– Oberstdorf is a model. There is a sea of ​​black, red and gold flags, and next to them there are also inscriptions. […] I understand the reason why some people want to write the name of their city. On a human level, I understand this. But I think there are things that are a little more important. You can make beautiful cardboard next to it and write whatever your heart desires,” added Krzysztof Rawa, a journalist and expert present in the studio.

Paintings with “marked” flags are present not only on the diving boards, but also, for example, during representative matches at the PGE National Stadium or during volleyball competitions held in arenas almost all over the world.

– Ladies and gentlemen, we are addressing you. Let’s respect the red and white flag because it is the right thing to do. And this also stems from obligations that need to be remembered. Some people turn a blind eye to this […] This is not the first time we have made such an appeal to fans, and not only to ski jumping fans,” said Marek Magiera, a Polsat Sport journalist and presenter of the program.

Ski Jumping World Cup in Sapporo. Where and when to watch?

After visiting the US, it’s time to head to Asia. The next World Cup will take place in Sapporo, Japan. The competition will take place on Saturday and Sunday, February 17-18. Two individual competitions are planned.

On Saturday (that is, February 17), judging by the Polish clock, the competition will begin at 8:00 am. Moreover, only the day before (that is, on Friday, February 16) qualifications for Saturday’s fight for World Championship points were planned. The next qualifying test will take place on Sunday (i.e. February 18), at an unfavorable time for Poland, at 1:30 am. Individual competition number two in Sapporo is scheduled for 3 hours.

The broadcast of ski jumping competitions during the weekend of the World Championships in Sapporo can be watched on TVN and Eurosport 1. The online broadcast can traditionally be watched on Player and, in particular, through the Polsat Box Go platform.

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