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Sincere recognition of the Polish football player. He told what China was like during the pandemic

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Adrian Mierzejewski recently retired from football. In recent years he has played in China. He will not have very pleasant memories of this country.

At the beginning of his career, Adrian Mierzejewski competed in the Polish Championship, representing, among others, Wisła Płock and Polonia Warsaw. After leaving the Blackshirts, he never returned to the country. He moved to Turkish Trabzonspor to later conquer the Asian market and Australia. At the end of his career it so happened that he ended up in China. He didn’t like everything about this country.

At the center of the coronavirus pandemic

It was during my stay in China that the coronavirus pandemic broke out. Adrian Mierzejewski, in an interview with Przegląd Sportowy Onet, recalls that at that time there was literal madness in the country. He explained what exactly.

– Then one case appeared and the whole city was locked down, millions of people were at home. Then 10 million tests and when everyone was healthy, the city was opened. It happened that the doors were welded shut, a fire broke out, people jumped out of the windows (…) And these large halls, temporary Covid hospitals, where people sat in a crowd next to each other and did nothing for weeks. According to him, you can only leave when you have three negative tests in a row.

The Polish football player admitted that his wife, for example, could not run in the fresh air. This option existed only in apartment buildings, where the only way out was to run up the stairs. Mierzejewski’s partner did the same. However, he had enough of everything, and he really wanted to leave China. Ultimately this did not happen.

“At some point, while in Shanghai, I told myself: enough is enough, we are leaving here, no matter what, I don’t need this money,” he emphasized.

Big card in the Polish team

Adrian Mierzejewski was once a main player for the Polish national team. However, later he only played in clubs. According to him, during his stay in Australia he was in better shape. However, then he did not gain recognition in the eyes of the national team coach.

Despite this, he played as many as 41 matches for the senior team. In it he scored three goals. He was called up to the 2012 European Championships, which took place in Poland and Ukraine.

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