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We are winning the last test before the League of Nations. This is a good forecast

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In the last test before traveling to Japan for the Nations League tournament, the White-Reds tested themselves for the second time against the German national team. In the first match, the wards of Nikola Grbic lost, but in the rematch they wanted to take revenge.

On May 25, Byalo-Chervoni played their first match in 2023. At Spodek in Katowice they encountered the Germans led by Michal Winiarski. A day later, on Friday, May 26, the Poles had the opportunity to take revenge on our Western neighbors.

However, shortly before the second clash with Germany, Nikola Grbic made up his mind and gave the fourteenth, which will fly to the first tournament of the Volleyball League of Nations. Recall that the white-reds will begin their fight in the APNL in Japanese Nagoya on June 6-11, 2023. In this tournament, the Poles will meet with Japan, France, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, China and Iran.

The Poles are slightly better than the Germans in the first set

This decision was due to a reshuffle regarding the first match against Germany. In the rematch, which was played in Sosnowiec, the first team included: Grzegorz Lomacz, Karol Butrin, Mikolaj Sawicki, Artur Szalpuk, Mateusz Benek, Karol Klos and Kuba Gavrilyuk.

The guests opened the first set a little better, because they took the lead 0:2 at the start, but Nikola Grbic’s men managed to equalize the score very quickly (3:3) and take the lead 9:5. Unfortunately, the Germans recorded an excellent series of five points in a row, thanks to which they not only won back the statistics, but also took the lead in the score 9:10. This game was equal until the very end, and the volleyball players of both teams had to fight for the advantage in the end. As a result, the white-reds turned out to be slightly better and won 26:24.

The Germans equalized.

The second set was opened much stronger by the wards of Michal Viniarski, who even led 1:5. The Poles tried to make up for their losses at any cost, but failed. Everything changed when Artur Salpuk went to serve with a score of 6:9 and left the serving field with a score of 11:9, giving us two aces along the way.

This game was a repeat of the first set. Both teams went to each other, but in the end, Michal Viniarski’s wards made fewer mistakes, who won 23:25 and equalized the score.

Fierce fight to the end

In the third set, the Germans lit up, especially on the pitch, which bombarded the white-reds. With a bad reception, it was difficult to achieve a good game and a finishing attack. As a result, the third set went to the Germans, who this time won 22:25.

The fourth set was very difficult for Nikola Grbic’s players, as well as for the Germans, who slowed down after the third set. Although Michal Winiarski’s team was in the lead at the start, Bialo-Cervoni were able to rise to the top of their skills and win with a score of 25:18. At the tie-break, we played with an advantage, the Poles kept their cool and thanks to this they won 24:22.

Source: WPROST.pl

Source: Wprost

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