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Iga Sviontek could be overthrown after the French Open. “I didn’t even know that”

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Iga Sviontek has been at the forefront of the WTA rankings since April 4, 2022. However, this may change on June 12th. It all depends on the result of Rasinyan and Arina Sobolenko at Roland Garros. The Polish tennis player admitted that she did not even know that such a scenario could be.

Since April 4, 2022, Iga Sviontek has been the first racket of the world. In the first ranking of 2023, the polka was even ahead of the second Ons Jaber by 6030 points. After the Australian Open, this changed, because the winner of this Grand Slam tournament, Arina Sobolenko, received an injection of points and form, which allowed her to catch up with the Rasha chess player with each subsequent tournament.

Roland Garros: The yoke of Sviontek can be overthrown

This season, Iga Swiatek has been plagued by injuries that, among other things, forced her to pull out of the Miami tournament and reach the WTA quarter-finals in Rome. Among other things, because of this, the once gigantic advantage was reduced to 1399 points and it may turn out that after the French Open, which the Rashinyan won twice, she may return not as a leader, but as the second racket of the championship. world.

Here are all possible scenarios:

  • To have a chance to keep the No. 1 position in the rankings, Swiatek must reach at least the quarter-finals of the French Open. If Swiatek loses before the quarter-finals, Sabolenko will take the No. 1 title on Monday, June 12 at Roland Garros.

  • If Sobolenko advances to the Round of 16 or Quarter-Finals, then Swiatek will have to reach the Semi-Finals in order to have a chance to retain the No. 1 position.

  • If Sobalenko makes it to the semi-finals, then Swiatek will have to reach the final to have a chance to keep his #1 position.

  • If Sobolenko makes it to the final, Swiatek will only be able to retain the No. 1 position by winning the title.

WTA rating. Ige Sviontek doesn’t seem to care

Iga Swiatek doesn’t seem to care about rankings. When asked about all these possible scenarios, she admitted that she didn’t know about it.

“I didn’t even know about it,” she said, quoted by rolandgarros.com.

Source: WPROST.pl // wtatennis.com/rolandgarros.com

Source: Wprost

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