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Adrianna Sulek has given birth! That’s her name

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Adrianna Sulek shared fantastic news! The athlete gave birth to a child. We know the gender and name of the child.

It has been known for a long time that Adrianna Sulek-Schubert is pregnant. Despite this, she was preparing in full swing for the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris. The athlete had already missed one important event for this reason – the World Championships in Budapest, but she did not want to give up the Olympic Games.

Adrianna Sulek gave birth to a son

On Wednesday, February 7, the top Polish heptathlete announced that there were only the last hours left when she and her husband would be together “just the two of them.” “Soon I’ll be stealing kiss after kiss from someone else, as often as I can, before I hear ‘Mom, don’t kiss, my friends are watching,'” we read.

Adrianna Sulek-Schubert gave birth to a son. She shared this information in her Instastories, where her husband, Kacper Schubert, and son, Leon, are depicted.

Adrianna Sulek and the hate for working out while pregnant

Because Adrianna Sulek-Schubert decided to work out while pregnant, she received a lot of hate. However, as she recalls, she did not make these decisions on her own, but consulted with a coach and a physical therapist. In an interview with Przegląd Sportowy, the athlete decided to speak out about unflattering comments on the Internet.

– As for Internet experts, I won’t listen to anyone who doesn’t know what I’m dealing with. There are curious and jealous people who like to poke their nose into other people’s affairs. But I will not change my preparation for the Olympic Games in Paris after a post by some Janusz, who says that what I am doing is abnormal and harmful for the child,” she said.

– Returning to criticism, this is ineffective in any case, because my training is decided by the staff, not an outsider. Even if such a person had golden intentions, I am not going to engage in conversation with anyone, because the people around me have the greatest experience and willingness to constantly develop their knowledge. Because of a few negative and anonymous comments, I will not change the entire direction of my preparations for Paris! – she said.

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