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A strong statement by Artur Salpuk. After a successful performance, he challenged his teammates

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Polish volleyball players in the first match of the season lost to Germany with a score of 2:3. At the crowded Spodek Biało-Czerwoni in Katowice they played with a very experimental line-up. One of the leaders of the team was undoubtedly Artur Salpuk.

Coach Nikola Grbic’s team may be half happy with their first performance in 2023. Byalo-Chervony played ambitiously, there was a lot of good volleyball on the court, but in the end they lost to the Germans in five sets. Volleyball fans did not disappoint, taking Spodek in Katowice almost in last place.

Artur Salpuk with a bang returned to the national team of Poland

One of those who especially wanted a successful performance in the national colors was the 2018 world champion, who returned to the representative group. I’m talking about Artur Salpuk, who had a very good season in PlusLiga wearing the colors of Projekt Warszawa.

“I’m glad we fought. We had several newcomers in the group, some of them “for the first time”. For me, it was also a return to the national team after the break, the opportunity to play in Spodek, filled to the last place with fans. I’m happy with that, but I’m not happy with the result,” Zalpuk said after the match.

The receiver was the second scorer in the team of coach Grbic. Salpuk scored 18 points, playing at 43 percent. successful penetration (23 attempts) and 61% in the attack (attacked 28 times).

“My legs were heavy, but they were like that before the game. We train a lot and prepare for the next matches. Until the next games of the League of Nations. These are different cycles, microcycles, such beautiful terms that are often encountered. We definitely gave it our all in Spala, it was pretty hard. The matches against Germany also had to show how the schemes we are working on work. What the coach pays a lot of attention to. We definitely did not prepare any peak form for this game with the Germans in order to jump on our heads. Play our best volleyball now, – Shalupa commented.

The magic of Spodek in Katowice and the fight for a place in the team

Zalpuk, despite a good mood in Thursday’s match and in the league season, must fight hard against the competition in the Byalo-Chervony team.

I confess, I got goosebumps and chills. It’s nice to feel the atmosphere of the frame again. I also don’t have many matches in Spodek. It was probably the third match that I played here for the national team. great feeling […] I am a little aware that I am one of the most experienced in the team. But I’m still the same “Boat” that I was. Nothing changes here – he described how he experienced a return to the national team, and even to Spodek.

Zalpuk will compete for a place in the team at the most important competitions, such as this year’s European Championships or the qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games in Paris. with Alexander Slivka, Tomas Fornal, Kamil Semenyuk and Wilfredo Leon.

“I will not lay down my arms. I will fight at every training session, in every game. I will do my best. Something will happen to my health before I give up. And let’s see where it leads me,” the ambitious project host concluded .

The second match between Poland and Germany will take place on Friday. This time the volleyball players will compete in another Silesian city, in a newly built sports hall in Sosnowiec.

Source: WPROST.pl

Source: Wprost

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