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Serious problems in the Cristiano Ronaldo family. The case will go to court

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Portuguese media report that Cristiano Ronaldo’s older brother Hugo dos Santos Aveiro allegedly tampered with Juventus sportswear. He has been charged and will face trial.

Cristiano Ronaldo is building his life in Arab Al Nasr, where he has been performing since the beginning of 2022. His career with the Portuguese national team is not yet over and he has proven that he can still play at the national level. He is also doing well at the club, climbing the charts in the Saudi Pro League. The media has repeatedly talked about his alleged family crisis, but this time it was not about himself, but about the star’s brother, who may have serious problems.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s brother committed forgery

The Portuguese Radio Observador reported that Hugo dos Santos Aveiro was allegedly involved in forging Juventus kits in 2019. The fake shirts allegedly bore the name of Cristiano Ronaldo, who was playing for the Turin team at the time. As a result of the investigation, the star’s brother began to cooperate with the Musara company, thanks to which he allegedly managed to produce and sell 13,000 pieces. fake old women’s shirts. The case went to court.

The trial of Hugo dos Santos Aveiro and his accomplices is due to begin on June 20 in Turin. The aforementioned radio adds that the elder brother of the captain of the Portuguese national team and Al-Nasr allegedly ordered the production of the kits in question from Turim Pegasus, whose representatives must also be present at the trial. The court in Turin had to give consent to its opening based on the claim of this company.

Hugo dos Santos Aveiro pleads not guilty

The radio station reports that the contract concluded between the company and Cristiano Ronaldo’s brother was to be 500,000. euro and it was assumed that the name of the museum in Funchal, Madeira, owned by Cristiano Ronaldo, would appear on almost identical Juventus uniforms.

Hugo dos Santos Aveiro allegedly denied the accusations, saying that Cristiano Ronaldo had given him permission to manufacture the T-shirts and that it was he who asked for “CR7 Museum” to be printed on the T-shirts. He claims he never made a deal with Turim Pegasus.

Source: radio observer

Source: Wprost

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