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Nikola Grbic has already diagnosed one problem. He spoke of signals and flaws

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Nikola Grbic diagnosed the problems of our team after the match between Poland and Germany. “I knew that this was not the level that I expected. There is something to work on, – he said immediately after the meeting in the mixed zone.

On May 25, in Spodek in Katowice, the Polish volleyball team officially opened the 2023 season. However, in a friendly competition with Germany, our neighbors were better. A few minutes after the last action, Nikola Grbic appeared in the mixed zone, where he briefly commented on the defeat of his wards.

Nikola Grbic reveals what failed in the match between Poland and Germany

– This match was kind of official for us, – said the Serb, and then moved on to specifics. – We had some personnel problems, because the two hosts could not play. However, those who spoke gave me some, shall we say, signals. We were good at some things, not so good at others, but that was the purpose of the game. I knew that it was not the level that the fans expected, we did not perform very well. It’s too early for that, he said.

Understanding the topic of what the clash with Germany looked like and why we lost, the breeder answered quite eloquently. – Today I received a lot of material for work and analysis, especially in terms of block play. We were detained 10 times, 4 times we succeeded. We lacked precision, we could have been more greedy. There is work to be done, he said.

Nikola Grbic sees positive in Poland vs Germany match

However, there are also reasons for optimism. “I don’t think it was as bad as it seems. We made a comeback in the second set when Karol Butrin helped us, then we raced in a tie-break. These were important signals. Of course, losing is never fun, but I wanted to give the players as much time as possible to play. Hence the big rotation,” he explained.

– We will try to improve something for the next match, we will work on something in the long term, – Grbic added at the end of the conversation with the media. The next meeting with the participation of Byalo-Chervoni will take place on May 26, this time our volleyball players will play revenge with the Germans in Sosnowiec.

Designed by: Mariusz Bielski
listened to: Maciej Piasecki
Source: WPROST.pl

Source: Wprost

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