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Alexander Zniszczol is the new leader of the Polish national team. What is his secret?

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Neither Kamil Stoch, David Kubacki or Piotr Zyla. Aleksander Zniszol has been the leader of the Polish ski jumping team in recent weeks.

It took Alexander Znischol a long time to reach the halfway point of the 2023/24 season. The Polish ski jumper was most often part of the reserve team A, but, as it turned out, in the conditions of a deep financial crisis, it was the player from Cieszyn who took on the leadership role in the white and red team. .

Does Alexander Znischola have a chance to reach the top of the World Cup?

This can be seen, for example, in the World Cup standings. Znischol is in 23rd place after the weekend in Willingen. In the middle of the competition on the German hill, the Pole was first third, and then took the position of leader of the competition. As a result, he finished the competition in eighth place.

However, the rest of Team A’s teammates didn’t come close to Znischol’s achievements. Will this be his time? Jan Sturz, one of the legends of the ski jumping coach in Poland, spoke on this matter. The coach who revealed the talents of Adam Malysh, Peter Zyla and… Zniszczola.

– Half of this season’s competitions are over, and everything is already going well, but it’s clear that Olek is just getting started. I see in him a very good suitable position, active, he has the base that our other jumpers now lack. Olek is also very well organized on the doorstep, he does everything technically very well. His more than ten years of work is bearing fruit. He will turn 30 on March 8th, he is already a very experienced, strong jumper and already knows that he is very valuable. I think that this winter he will still be in the top six and on the podium,” admitted Sturz in an interview with Lukasz Jachimäk for Sport.pl.

At the same time, the experienced coach emphasizes the enormous psychological strength of the Polish jumper. The Destroyer did not give up, waiting for his big chance.

– Olek is extremely strong mentally. He never gave up and worked no matter what. He had good years in the Continental Cup, he didn’t have many chances in the main series, he survived it, matured and is now reaping the benefits,” adds Sturz.

World Championships in Lake Placid, where and at what time to watch?

Competitions in the USA among the world’s best jumpers start on Friday, February 9. Training and qualifying times will be unusual given Polish time. Official practice is scheduled for 20:30, and qualifying will begin at 23:00.

As for competitions, three are scheduled in Lake Placid. The trial series will begin on Saturday (February 10) at 2:15 p.m., followed by the individual competition at 3:15 p.m. At 23:00 there will be a duet competition. On Sunday (February 11) at 14:00 there is qualification, and from 15:15 there is an individual competition. Then, in the same trains, the jumpers will move to Sapporo, Japan.

Broadcasts will be available on Eurosport and TVN. In the case of online broadcasts, among other things, will be available: on Player.pl or platforms where the above-mentioned channels are available. For example, we are talking about Polsat Box Go.

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