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Alexander Slivka spoke eloquently after the match with Trefl. He could give more

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Azoti ZAKSA group Kedzierzyn-Kozle lost their fifth match this season. Team captain Alexander Slivka was critical of himself. Despite this defeat, the receiver is pleased with one thing.

This time Kędzierzyn’s team lost in the match against Gdańsk Trefl. With six wins, the second-placed Poles are in seventh place with eighteen points. Their rivals, in turn, are in fifth place and have the same number of points as Resovia, which took fourth place.

Alexander Slivka criticizes himself

Despite the defeat, we can rejoice in the return of Marcin Janusz and Bartłomiej Klut after injury. Unfortunately, yesterday’s match showed that they are not yet fully strong enough to play the kind of volleyball that the fans are accustomed to. Alexander Slivka commentated on the match against Trefl, scoring 11 points and scoring 43%. attack effectiveness. The ZAKSA captain was very critical of himself, which he emphasized in front of the PlusLiga cameras. – Trefl is showing good, organized volleyball this season. Points are not given out for free. We had some defensive goals that we could have won. I don’t want to say that we had chances and we didn’t take advantage of them and we were close, because that’s not true. The opponents controlled the entire match, played relaxed and deservedly won,” he admitted after the match.

– Of course, our personnel situation is difficult, but this does not explain it. I can say for myself that I could have played much better to help the team win at least a set or two or at least a point,” he added.

Alexander Slivka is happy alone

Alexander Slivka also spoke about his return from injury. – It’s difficult for me to say who will return and when, because there are many injuries. We are glad that Bartek Klut played the match after an injury, Marcin Janusz played the set in such a way as not to overload his body. I hope that from match to match he will look better and better,” he concluded.

Group Azoti ZAKSA Kedzierzyn-Kozle will play their next match on Wednesday, December 13, as part of the Champions League. Their opponent will be the Belgian Roeselare. In addition, on Saturday the Poles, who finished second in the Plusliga, will play Project Warsaw, who defeated champion Jastrzębski Wengiel on Sunday, December 10.

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Source: Wprost

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