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Is Kamil Stoch back in shape? PZN reduces mood

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Last week Kamil Stoch was preparing for the next competition in Eisnerz. Rafal Kot from PZN commented on his progress. There is one “but”.

Last weekend, ski jumpers competed for points in Klingenthal. Thomas Thurnbichler’s team alternated best attempts with weaker ones, but it is still clear that this is not the same. Kamil Stoch was absent from the red and white squad as he has been struggling with problems since the start of the season that prevent him from making the long jump. After four World Cup stages, Kamil Stoch has only three points – in Ruka he was 42nd, and in Lillehammer – 28th and 37th, respectively. The three-time Olympic champion was replaced by Andrzej Stenkala.

PZN speaks eloquently of Kamil Stoch’s form

To improve his physical fitness, Kamil Stoch went to Eisnerz in Austria, where he trains under the guidance of Zbigniew Klimovsky, who accompanied him at the beginning of his career, and Krzysztof Mentus, a former ski jumper.

Rafal Kot, member of the PZN board for academic sports, cooperation with OZN and clubs located in the Tatras and to the east of them, commented on the actions of the champion from Zomba in WP SportoweFakty. “It didn’t look very good at first.” However, subsequent training already gives us optimism, said the vice-president of the Tatra Ski Association.

There is one “but” regarding Kamil Stoch. PZN reduces mood

The activist added that there is one “but”. “He jumped with much worse opponents, and he had no one to compare himself with. We don’t know how good these jumps are or what they can be used for in competition. During joint training in Zakopane, it will be possible to see whether previous mistakes have been eliminated, he concluded.

Polish jumpers will return to Zakopane for training on Monday. Next weekend, the “white-red” will go to Engelberg, where on December 16-17 they will compete in the next stage of the World Championship. At the moment there is no information whether Kamil Stoch will return to the team or what full squad Thomas Thurnbichler will take with him. The decision will be announced within a few days and the Polish Ski Association will issue a statement on this matter.

Designed by: Norbert Amlicki
Source: WP SportoweFakty
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