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Szymon Marciniak started a big fight. The Pole’s decision was sharply criticized

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The penalty in Tuesday’s Champions League match that gave Paris Saint-Germain a 1-1 point at Newcastle United has sparked a huge controversy. The decision was made by referee Szymon Marciniak after watching several replays. Could the English team have a valid complaint?

Tuesday’s match at the Parc des Princes was key to the Champions League Group F standings, where things were interesting from the start. The leader of Borussia Dortmund reached the 1/8 finals, beating Milan away (3-1). A very important meeting in Paris was supposed to answer whether the “newcomer” to the bet, the English Newcastle United, could cause problems for the billionaires from PSG.

Did Szymon Marciniak make the right decisions?

Interestingly, in the first meeting of both teams, the British came out on top and defeated the French champions at home with a score of 4:1. On Tuesday it looked like Newcastle could repeat the feat as they led from the 24th minute after a goal from their Swedish star. Alexander Isak offered hope of overtaking PSG in the table and a great chance to move forward in the context of the last run of Champions League games.

Ultimately, however, PSG managed to equalize, effectively with a kick, in the eighth minute of second-half stoppage time. The Parisians pressed hard, they were the dominant team, but they couldn’t find a way to beat their opponents. They also had a grudge against referee Szymon Marciniak, who did not award a penalty after an alleged foul when Achraf Hakimi was thrown off balance by an opponent. The Moroccan defender fell in the penalty area, but the Pole, having received information from VAR, did not consider that the Newcastle player had broken the rules.

In extra time things were different, this time after a handball. More precisely… hitting a visiting player with the ball. Here the question of interpretation of the regulations again remains unanswered. It has been repeatedly emphasized that if the ball hits another part of the body and then hits the hand, there is no penalty. On the other hand, the arm may be positioned unnaturally and increase the surface area of ​​the body. After watching the replays, Marciniak finally awarded the eleven that PSG used.

Alan Shearer and Michael Owen were furious with the Pole

After the final draw (1:1) and the Parisians being saved by a converted penalty, which was lucky for Kylian Mbappe, there was a lot of anger. According to experts and many fans, the Polish referee made a mistake in awarding PSG eleven points. The decision is criticized, for example, by Alan Shearer and Michael Owen, great football players of yesteryear, representatives of England and… ex-Newcastle players.

Serious accusations have been brought against the Polish judge. Thanks to the draw, PSG maintained a two-point advantage over the English before the last round. If Newcastle had won, they would have had the ball in their hands and the prospect of a final group stage match on home soil against bottom-of-the-table Milan.

Did Marciniak make a mistake? The situation, of course, was not easy to assess unambiguously, especially since handball, especially in the penalty area, has been the subject of many conflicting interpretations for many years. If Marciniak makes a mistake, it will be a costly mistake because millions of euros from UEFA will go to some clubs and be taken away from others.

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