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Preliminary division into Euro 2024 baskets. If we advance, we will face difficult opponents

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Croats and Welsh are still fighting for the right to Euro 2024. Despite this, we have learned the initial division into baskets. We know who we’ll get if we get promoted.

The qualifying rounds for Euro 2024 are slowly coming to an end. Croatia and Wales are still fighting for direct qualification to the European Championship. If the first one succeeds, the Poles will meet Estonia in the play-offs at their stadium, and if they win, they will compete in the final with the winner of the Wales-Ukraine/Finland/Iceland match.

Euro 2024: Preliminary division into baskets

Playoff winners will be selected from the final pot. In practice, this means that if we manage to overcome them, we certainly will not escape the football forces. We also learned about pre-binding. This is where things get very interesting. This is what the configuration looks like for the “Football Ratings” profile.

  • Basket A: Germany, Portugal, France, Spain, Belgium, England.

  • Pot B: Hungary, Turkey, Denmark, Albania, Romania, Austria.

  • Basket C: Scotland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Italy.

  • Pot D: Serbia, Croatia, Switzerland, Playoff A, Playoff B, Playoff C.

“Euro 2024 group pots are calculated based on points from the qualifying rounds. There were a few little surprises there. The presence of Italy and the Netherlands in the third pot means that if Denmark are drawn at the same time, we will have a group of death,” wrote Radoslaw Laudanski on matchyki.pl on X (formerly Twitter).

Poles may end up in the Death Group

This means that if they win the playoffs, the White-Reds could face very demanding opponents. If Poland manages to qualify for Euro 2024, the so-called group of death could consist of the Netherlands/Italy, Turkey/Denmark and France. However, everything will be known on December 2 at 18:00. Then the draw for the group stage of the European Championship will take place. The draw for the playoff hosts will take place on Thursday, November 23. The matches will take place on March 21 (semi-finals) and March 26 (finals).

Designed by: Norbert Amlicki
Source: WPROST.pl / Twitter/Football ratings/Radoslaw Laudanski/Mechiki
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Source: Wprost

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