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The young Pole is shining in the Plus League. Will the great talent follow in the footsteps of Bartosz Kurek?

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Michal Gerzot is one of the most talented players who has proven himself well in PlusLiga over the past few months. The receiver, who has been playing for PSG Stal Nysa since 2022, has just become the most productive player in the national elite.

Let us remind you that Michal Gerzot is a volleyball player who is only 22 years old. In addition, in April, the 205 cm tall receiver was called up to the Polish national team under the leadership of coach Nikola Grbic. The opportunity to join the White-Red senior team clearly had a strong motivating effect on the player. PSG volleyball player Stal Nisa shines on the Plus League court.

Michal Gerzot – the most productive player of the elite

When a team from Nysa wins, only one person gets the MVP statuette. PSG Steel have won two victories, and in both cases the award for the best player of the match went to Guerjot. After seven rounds, the receiver scored 126 points. The Polish talent scored the most – 25 – in a duel with opponents from Belchatow. However, PSG Steel lost at home with a score of 2:3.

Tiebreakers are an unwritten “tradition” for coach Daniel Plinsky’s team. Of the seven matches, four ended for PSG Steel after five games. In addition, Gerjot had to cover a greater distance to score points.

It is interesting that a volleyball player who often attacks through the opponent’s block while in Nysa evokes associations with the beginning of Bartosz Kurek. “Kuras” is essentially a product of PSG Steel, unlike Guerzhot. However, both of them have unlimited physical capabilities. In addition, it cannot be ruled out that Gerzhot, like Kurek, will change his position from receiver to striker in the future – if necessary, of course. The volleyball player of coach Plinsky’s team has huge attacking arguments.

Jastrzębski Wengiel and Project Warsaw head PlusLiga

After seven matches, only two teams in the country have complete victories. These are the Polish champions, that is, Jastrzębski Wegiel and Project Warsaw, the opening of the first part of the regular stage.

The difference between the teams is one set less in favor of the gold medalists of the 2022/23 season. Jastrzebie’s team has a balance of 21:3 while the Warsaw team’s score is 21:4. In the next series, Project will play on Saturday (November 25) away against PGE GiEK Skra Belchatow (14:45), and the Polish champions will host KGHM Cuprum Lubin at home on the same day (20:30).

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Source: Wprost

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