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They will play at Euro 2024 instead of the Poles. Everything is clear in group E

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The match between the Czech Republic and Moldova was supposed to decide which of these teams would qualify for the European Championship 2024. The visiting team was one of the revelations of this year’s qualifying, so the hosts had to be on their guard.

After Poland lost its chance to qualify for Euro 2024 against the Czech Republic, the team had to fight to qualify for the tournament in the final round of qualifying. The team led by Jaroslav Silhavy has recently had problems, which Moldova tried to take advantage of – one of the revelations of this year’s competition.

Strong start to the match Czech Republic – Moldova

As expected, our southwestern neighbors scored first and opened the scoring. The goal was the result of a counterattack from the left flank. On his debut for the national team, Tomas Chory provided an assist by sending a perpendicular pass to David Duderi towards the wing. He easily overtook his opponent, entered the penalty area and scored a goal.

The Moldovans were able to equalize after about 10 minutes, and this was their first dangerous action. A cross from the right flank was converted by one of the attackers and unexpectedly hit the legs of Nikita Mospan. The swiping player was completely undetected and correctly decided to shoot without hitting the target, but it was off target. Despite the efforts of both teams, the score remained 1:0 until the break.

The Czechs finished off the Moldovans

At the beginning of the second half, the visitors were able to equalize the score again. Unexpectedly for the Czechs, Mikhail Kaimakov tried to shoot from the right. The midfielder won a running duel with his opponent, but when it was necessary to strike, he had to do it from a very acute angle. There were problems, but the Czech goalkeeper coped with this attempt. After the corner there was no longer a threat.

However, the Moldovans, striving for a draw, complicated the situation for themselves, in particular for Vladislav Baboglo. This player received his first yellow card in the 47th minute for tripping an opponent, and in the 55th minute, during an aerial duel, he hit his opponent with his elbow and was sent off from the field. In the 71st minute, debutant Tomas Chory increased the lead to 2-0 after a corner kick. He converted Vasil Kuzey’s excellent cross. Before the final whistle, Tomas Soucek made it 3-0 with a completely unguarded shot from the edge of the penalty area.

We didn’t see any more goals, so in the end the Czechs won the match and directly qualified for Euro 2024 from Group E. After 8 matches, they finished second in the table after Albania – both teams scored 15 points. Let us remind you that the “white-red” took third place with 11 points.

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