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According to Peter Zhyla, this is a dream team. The jumper didn’t hesitate for a second

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Petr Zyla chose his dream team. The Polish ski jumper was asked to create a four-person team made up of stars of the sport.

The winter ski jumping season is already behind us, so preparations for it are in full swing. The situation is no different in the Polish national team, although one of the stars found a free moment to have fun in front of the Eurosport cameras. The reporters gave Peter Gilet a difficult task – at least in theory, because overall he handled it well.

Petr Zhyla’s dream team

The task was to create a dream team. There were 30 names in the pool of jumpers to choose from, and Wevir had to choose four of them. Of course, there was a catch. The players were divided into five baskets according to the price set for each of them – 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 dollars. The Polish representative had 30 dollars at his disposal, and he needed to assemble the strongest possible team.

Petr Zyla approached the topic very patriotically, because there were many of our compatriots in certain categories. – Okay, I’ll go on a budget, so I’ll take myself. That’s two… Well, I have 30 dollars, right? Well, it’s simple: I’ll take Adam Malisch, Kamil Stoch, “Mustafa” (David Kubacki) and myself,” laughed the 36-year-old player, consciously noting that he still had two dollars of free budget left.

Players to choose from:

  • $10 – Nykänen, Malysh, Ahonen, Schlierenzauer, Stoch

  • $8 – Weissflog, Ammann, Morgenstern, Kraft, Granerud

  • $6 – Golderberg, Kasai, Schmitt, Prevc (Peter), Kobayashi

  • $4 – Funaki, Hannawald, Widhelzl, Freund, Kubacki

  • 2 dollars – Ljokelsoy, Peterka, Hautameki, Kranets, Zhila.

When will the first jumps be this season?

Petr Zyla and his teammates will soon be in action. The first competitions will be held in Finland, namely in Ruka. They are scheduled for November 25 and 26. Kamil Stoch, Dawid Kubacki, Pavel Wonzek and Alexander Zniszol will also perform in white and red.

Designed by: Mariusz Bielski
Source: WPROST.pl / Eurosport
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Source: Wprost

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