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Doubts about Kamil Stoch were dispelled. Adam Malysh sees this

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Does Kamil Stoch still have the potential to win medals at World Cup competitions? Adam Malysh has no doubt about this, he shared good information about the star of our team.

The winter ski jumping season is approaching and everyone is wondering what Polish athletes will be able to achieve. The “white-red” will enter the first competition with the strongest squad, which means that it will include, among other things, Kamil Stoch. Adam Malysh was asked about what our team’s star can achieve in the upcoming season.

Adam Malysh is confident in Kamil Stoch

Questions are regularly asked about the Zob ski jumper’s abilities due to his performances in the previous two seasons. At the 2021/22 World Cup he performed very poorly (like the entire team), while in the last edition he performed much better, but often with a feeling of dissatisfaction. And he finished the competition right behind the podium, and his performance was spoiled by the weather or not entirely logical decisions of the judges. In addition, the player himself at times seemed mentally tired of certain situations.

However, the 36-year-old jumper still has the potential to win, at least according to Adam Malysh. The President of the Polish Ski Association drew attention primarily to one thing that distinguishes the current Kamil Stoch from previous seasons. “I see a smile and freedom in him.” He wants to train and achieve success, and this is a very big plus,” said the head of our federation in an interview with Skijumping.pl.

Moreover, the former ski jumper assured fans of the level of dedication of the Poland star. – When you are an adult player and you are fed up with certain things, then doubts arise. Kamil is still insatiable, Adam Malysh concluded. The athlete himself has already emphasized that he is looking forward to the winter and the upcoming competitions. The first competitions of the 2023/24 season will be held in Ruka on November 25-26.

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