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Plague of injuries in PlusLiga. We know what’s happening to the average person’s health

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The volleyball calendar is overloaded, which affects the health of the players. Azoti ZAKSA Kedzierzyn-Kozle’s group felt this most painfully when playing against Asseco Resovia with ten players. Nicolas Zerba was injured in the last match. We already know what’s wrong with him.

Injuries can be seen in every team, and the list of players not playing is very long. Many volleyball players began to complain about the excessive intensity of matches, demanding changes to the Plus League system. ZAKSA attacker Lukasz Kaczmarek said that he and his colleagues received a schedule for the coming weeks. That there is definitely food for thought here. – We have received a plan for the next 42 days, of which we only have four single days off. I think this is incredibly harmful to our health. We will do our best to stay healthy,” he said.

Another player completed the PlusLiga match with an injury

In the last match, Nicolas Zerba from PSG Stal Nisa was added to the injured list. In the fourth set, a player grabbed his calf while jumping to attack and fell to the floor. He tried to get up but couldn’t, and his colleagues carried him to the bench. It was unclear whether the injury was serious. The Argentine had to undergo detailed tests. After this, the club informed fans of its forecast.

“Nicolas Zerba has already been tested. Fortunately, the injury was not as serious as it seemed, and Nico will have a break of about 10 days. Get better!” said representatives of the PSG Steel Nysa club.

This means that he will not play in the next match against GKS Katowice, but will most likely recover for the next match against Czarny Radom, who lost to Jastrzembski Wengiel today.

PZPS President Sebastian Swiderski wants changes in Polish volleyball

The President of the Polish Volleyball Association, Sebastian Swiderski, said that he wants changes in Polish volleyball. – My opinion is clear and I have been repeating it for a long time. 16 teams, which is good if you have time to play the whole season. We don’t have time at the moment. We don’t have the opportunity to play it, so in my opinion the reduction is definitely recommended. “I think up to 12 teams is too radical,” he said.

However, before this revolution occurs, players will have to play every two to three days and, in many cases, cope with the difficulties of the current season.

Designed by: Norbert Amlicki
Source: WPROST.pl / Twitter/Steel Nysa
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Source: Wprost

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