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The titled jumper will not return to the competition. This is the result of a dangerous fall

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Competitions at the World Cup stage in ski jumping are coming to an end. Until the end of the competition, only competitions in Lahti and Planica remained. We already know that one of the best jumpers of recent years does not start in them.

The Ski Jumping World Cup is entering its decisive phase. We already know who will raise the Crystal Globe for the overall triumph in Planica. Thanks to points in Vikersund and the absence of the main rival David Kubacki, the Norwegian Halvor Egner Granderud will become the champion. The Slovenian ski jumper, who celebrated great success many years ago, will not compete in other competitions.

The titled jumper completed the competition at the World Cup

Peter Prevc could not consider the current season successful. At the World Cup he performed averagely, but at the World Championships in his homeland he did not get into the squad for competitions on a normal springboard. While training at a large facility, he fell seriously. Although the sight of the Slovenian could be terrifying, in the end nothing serious happened to him. He suffered a concussion and numerous bruises that initially kept him in the hospital and at home and now kept him out of the season’s end. On Wednesday, Prevc announced to fans that they would only see him in action in the next installment of wrestling.

“Greetings from the sea, where all sorts of wounds heal faster. See you next winter,” Prevc wrote in an Instagram post, making it clear that he would not return for the finals in Lahti and Planica.

Successes of Petr Prevets in ski jumping

Peter Prevc is one of the best ski jumpers of the last decade. The Slovenian has won 23 World Cups and reached the podium 57 times. Last year, together with the national team, he won gold at the Olympic championships in mixed team competitions. He also boasts individual medals won in Sochi.

His 2015/2016 season went down in history, in which he won the general classification, winning as many as 15 competitions. Prevca is also considered to be an excellent airport as it won the gold of the World Championship in ski flying with small crystal balls for its ski jump performance during the World Cup season.

Source: Interia.pl

Source: Wprost

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