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Polish representatives on both sides of the net. The atmosphere is heating up ahead of the Super Bowl

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The AL-KO Volleyball Polish Super Cup competition is also an opportunity to see many representatives in action. The Poles have a strong group of representatives who will certainly want to win and win the first club trophy of the 2023/24 season.

Marcin Janusz, Lukasz Kaczmarek, Alexander Sliwka and Bartosz Bednorz are the team of Grupa Azoty ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle. And also Jastrzembski Wengiel, Tomasz Fornal, Norbert Huber and Jakub Popivczak. As you can see, the Polish national team will have a solid group of representatives in Spodek in Katowice during the game for the AL-KO Polish Volleyball Super Cup.

Norbert Huber defiantly before the final

In Kędzierzyn-Kozel they remember well who won the matches for the first scalp of the campaign in recent years. Jastrzębski Wengiel has won the last two Polish Super Cups.

– In recent years, we have played with Jastrzębski Wengel many times. These were very important matches for trophies in the championship, semi-finals, finals and finally the Champions League final. This shows that both clubs are at a very high level. Now there is another opportunity to challenge ourselves. We hope that after the defeats in the Polish Super Cup we will win this time. First of all, we will try to focus on our good game and realizing our goals, I hope that this will bring us triumph,” admitted Alexander Slivka.

Norbert Huber will meet his former club colleagues in Spodek. The midfielder had a great season in the national team, being one of the most important figures in coach Nikola Grbic’s team.

– It’s very nice that many people will come to watch the Polish teams fight for the Super Cup; the entire Spodek will be filled. This, of course, promises to be a magnificent spectacle, the champion and vice-champion of Poland will play. Fans will be under great pressure on Friday as they try to prove their dominance. We will definitely have to play very boldly, consistently and implement our assumptions. Just have fun with volleyball, because there will be fourteen fantastic volleyball players on the field who have already proven their worth many times over. […] “He wants to beat ZAKS more than to win the Super Cup,” says the center of the national champions.

A group of fans in the stands of the Spodek stadium in Katowice.

The volleyball players themselves are delighted that the match will take place at the legendary facility in the heart of the capital of Silesia. It was there that the Polish national team won, in particular: the title of world champions at the memorable 2014 tournament.

– We are playing against Jastrzembe again. This is also a beautiful story, because in recent years we have faced this opponent so many times that we know each other like hairless horses. Our team has changed a little, and so have theirs. The best thing about this Super Cup is that we are playing the match in Spodek. This is a magical place for Polish volleyball, its Mecca. We are also very pleased that the hall will be filled to capacity with the best fans in the world,” adds Łukasz Kaczmarek.

Jastrzębski Wengiel, due to his Silesian origin, will play “at home”, looking at the borders of the province. However, the captain of the national team drew attention to the good times that volleyball is experiencing in Poland.

– First of all, we are glad that there is great interest. After a few weeks there were no seats available and the tickets were sold out. This is truly a unique room. I always dreamed of playing in it. I was there, saw it, but didn’t play. Therefore, it will definitely be special, especially with such an audience. We can all rub our hands at the fact that such a volleyball festival exists in Poland, and year after year the popularity of this sport, due to attendance and atmosphere, shows that there is a huge demand for it. People see that volleyball is a lot of fun,” adds Yuri Gladyr.

Jastrzębski Wegiel – Azoti Group ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Kozle, where to watch?

Fight for the first volleyball trophy in the 2023/24 season today, that is, November 3. Just over 11,000 fans are expected to watch the match at the Spodek Stadium in Katowice. The AL-KO Polish Super Cup match between Jastrzębski Wegiel and Grupa Azoty ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle will start at 17:30.

Where will the match be broadcast? The match will be available on Polsat Sport. In addition, online broadcasting is traditionally carried out in this case using the Polsat Box Go platform. We also encourage you to follow the news directly from Katowice on the sports website Wprost.pl, as we will be following the game for the first title of the season in Spodek.

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Source: WPROST.pl / Polish Volleyball League / Grupa Azoty ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle
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Source: Wprost

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