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“We are saving our people and the country”: three-time Olympic champion in Russia struck with a statement about the war

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Propaganda among the local population is actively operating in Russia and the leadership of the aggressor country, which unleashed a war in neighboring Ukraine, is being artificially popularized.

Yelena Vyalbe, three-time Olympic champion in cross-country skiing, was marked by another angry speech using stamps from the Kremlin elite, some of which can only be called crazy nonsense.

The governments of different countries are now shouting that they will tilt the sponsors, the ministers of sports are gathering and making any decisions. Well, you decide on the development of sports in your country. Why did you decide to climb into someone else’s garden and dictate some conditions there? The USA bombed Yugoslavia – what did someone say that they would not go to the Games? In general, you can walk along the American part, the bed is serious … No, we are not taking any action. We are saving our people and the country, whose next step is to threaten NATO to deploy weapons practically on Red Square.”, Vyalbe shared her findings in an interview with the R-Sport news agency.

Perhaps the position of president of the Russian Ski Racing Federation obliges you to stick your tongue deeper into one place to the owner of the Kremlin in order to show your devotion …

Earlier reported that the ex-trainer of the Ukrainian national team Raul Riancho confessed his love for Putin’s compatriots.

Author: Yuri GROMOV

Source: Fakty

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