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The players of the Polish national team quarreled over the bonus. Lukasz Skorupski reveals hitherto unknown facts

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A few months after the end of the World Cup in Qatar and the departure of Cheslav Mikhnevich, the subject of a bonus scandal from the government for leaving the group returned. Lukasz Skorupski shed new light on the case by revealing previously unknown facts in an interview with Przegląd Sportowy. The goalkeeper said that the players argued over money.

Lukasz Skorupski broke his silence on bonuses promised by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to Polish representatives for leaving the group. Among other things, because of this scandal, Cheslav Mikhnevich lost his job in the PZPN, who was replaced in this position by Fernando Santos. The Bologna goalkeeper gave an interview to Przegląd Sportowy, in which he honestly told what happens in the team after leaving the group.

The football player admitted that the players were aware that people might be nervous after receiving a bonus from the government. By the way, a participant in the World Cup in Qatar noted that this was not the idea of ​​the players. “The Prime Minister promised a bonus. In words, nothing on paper. We used to say this: it will be fun. He will not? We are not in a hurry,” he added.

Lukasz Skorupski: I said shit, everything should be decided before the World Cup

The Polish representative, when asked about the recording from the channel “Launch us Football”, that he negotiated with the prime minister for another ten million at dinner, replied: “I was talking about something, but it was more for that.”

– In my opinion, at such a tournament it is not worth talking about a bonus at all, everything should be settled on paper even before the championship, – he stressed.

Lukasz Skorupski: We argued so much that we didn’t talk to some of the players

Lukasz Skorupski said that only after leaving the group did the topic of bonuses appear in the Polish national team. “There were disputes between us, negotiations with the coach. We all in the crew were so excited, I’ll tell you honestly: bonus, bonus, when is the bonus? – He said.

The goalkeeper stressed that during the group matches, the team had a great atmosphere, and the state award spoiled it. “Instead of being happy, we suddenly started arguing about this bonus. You have so much, others have so much. But we argued so much that we didn’t talk to some of the players. And the day before we sang together,” he stressed. Only after the match with France, the emotions subsided, and the players got along. “We sat down to dinner, drank some wine, and everyone got through it,” he concluded.

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