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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Raw Air prologue and competition in Vikersund. What time and where to watch ski jumping today?

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On Sunday, March 19, we will find out the winner of the entire Raw Air 2023 series. Before that, the jumpers will fight in the prologue and individual competition in Vikersund. We suggest when and where to watch the live broadcast.

On Sunday, March 19, the Raw Air Finals will take place, preceded by qualifiers that also count towards the overall standings of the series. The leader is Halvor Egner Granerud, who can also receive the Ski Jumping World Cup Crystal Globe on the same day.

Saturday’s competition in Vikersund was again won by the Norwegian, who fought to the last with Stefan Kraft. On the other hand, David Kubacki was the best of the white-reds, finishing eighth. The Polish representative could have been spinning on the podium, but, as he himself admitted, he felt cheated because of the conversion factors.

In addition, Piotr Zhyla jumped into the top ten with a ribbon shot. In turn, Kamil Stoch took 17th place, and Alexander Zniszol finished the competition in 18th place. Unfortunately, Andrzej Stenkala did not qualify for the second round, replacing the ailing Jakub Wolna. Unfortunately, Paweł Wąsek did not pass the Friday prologue.

Raw Air in Vikersund: what time and where to watch?

On Sunday, March 19, the jumpers will fight for the first time in the prologue, which is scheduled for 14:30. Andrzej Stenkala, Paweł Vozek, Aleksander Zniszol, Kamil Stoch, David Kubatsky and Piotr Zyla will compete for the qualification in the individual competition. Only the top 40 jumpers will advance to the competition scheduled for 4:00 pm.

  • 14:30 Vikersund – qualification / prologue

  • 16:00 Vikersund – individual competition

Live coverage of the prologue and competitions will be available on the Eurosport and TVN channels, as well as online streaming services containing these channels, such as Polsat Box Go and Player.pl.

Raw Air 2023 – general classification

Raw Air 2023 Overall Score

Place First and last name Country of origin points
1. Halvor Egner Granerud Norway 2195.2
2. Stefan Kraft Austria 2166.7
3. Anze Lanisek Slovenia 2088.9
4. David Kubacki Poland 2075.3
5. Daniel Chofenig Austria 2061.2
6. Ryoyu Kobayashi Japan 2056
7. Timi Seitz Slovenia 2001.1
8. Kamil Stoch Poland 1977.3
9. Manuel Fettner Austria 1963.4
10. Michael Haybock Austria 1954.2
15. Petr Zhyla Poland
26. Alexander the Destroyer Poland
32. Pavel Vasek Poland
49. Jacob Volney Poland
65. Andrzej Stenkala Poland 292.2

Source: WPROST.pl

Source: Wprost

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